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Failing Schools and Students in the US - Research Paper Example

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Schools and students are failing across the United States Effects of climate change I. Introduction Thesis statement: Schools and students are failing across the United States because of a combination of factors from substandard schools and school systems, the bureaucrats that make decisions for schools, and students and the parents of the students…
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Failing Schools and Students in the US
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Download file to see previous pages No Accountability of Individual Schools 3. Lack of Qualified Staff in Schools C. Is the Argument out of the School’s Hands? 1. Effects of the No Child Left Behind Act Conclusion Work Cited Introduction Today it is of crucial importance that education should be given utmost attention, as it is considered a guaranteed insurance into ones future. However, it is usual that children are failing consistently in many parts of the world especially USA. A student who is disinterested in the education will generally miss college lectures and would perform extremely poor in assessments tests. In worst cases, students would stop attending their schools or colleges and would thereby sit at home without concern for their education, career and life. It is important that causes of inability to perform well at school should be figured out before they can be pin down to improve performances in general and long term successes in whole. Does the issue lie with the students and/or the parents? Lack of Parenting Today many of the children fail because of lack of parenting guidance or parents lacking such skills. Children today need their parent's guidance so they could help them make positive options instead of just trying to control them or choose for them what they are not interested in. If parents act as children’s guide they are letting them not rely on their inner guidance. If parents guide their children through the process of decision making they are letting them look in to the situations from all of its sides. This even helps them build a sort of self esteem that is they would start trusting them and believing in ability to make good choices. According to Mr. PubMed, the usual cause of lack of parenting skills is their low socio-economic status. Parents which are living below poverty lines have no such access to parenting skills. Teen parents simply have a hard time forming such parenting skills. In middle families this is mainly due to lack of emotional and financial support and lack of awareness. In richer families this is mainly because parents simply lack time. Moreover, the younger parents were the ones who were more immature and less capable of giving the sacrifices sometimes that are required of parents. Furthermore, the parents that have abuse are more likely to make bad parenting choices. Students Hungry or Lack of Sleep August 2007 – One of the study by James F. Pagel who was the MD of University of Colorado school of Medicine has given reports that students could have insufficient sleep that could thereby have adverse effects next day not on adults performance but also on students performance. Hunger and sleep are two of the vital needs of a healthy society. Adolescents who have experience sleep disturbances are the ones more likely to receive bad grades. Based on a 238 questionnaires that were completed by the middle or high school students, the survey proved that those who have gained lower GPA were the ones who had most sleepless nights and such issues that include restless, a hard time waking up in the morning, when trying to fall asleep, difficulty concentrating during the day, snoring every night, aching legs, and falling asleep in class. James Pagel had said: Some of the previously conducted studies had proved that students who had irregular sleep patterns, inadequate sleep or otherwise poor sleep quality didn’t perform well in school in comparison to students who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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