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Repairing Americans Failing Education System - Research Paper Example

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(Name of student) (school) Repairing America's Failing Education System Introduction America’s education system has once been renowned as one of the best, if not the best, education system in the world. Its collection of ivy-league schools as well as its ability to produce top graduates in various fields of learning has ensured that the American educational system would be the best system in the world…
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Repairing Americans Failing Education System
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Download file to see previous pages This paper shall discuss the different ways in which the American educational system is failing. It will also cover possible approaches in repairing this system. A discussion of examples of success in some schools shall also be considered in this paper. Body Issues in the American educational system In a report by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), it was revealed that US high school students have not achieved any significant progress in reading or in math for now almost 40 years (Splitt, p. 1). These report alarmed many government officials, including President Barack Obama who agreed that the educational system is long overdue for an overhaul. This report is however just one indication of failure in the educational system. Other reports from colleges and from employers themselves indicate that many students have graduated but have not exactly earned the skills needed for college or for the workplace (Splitt, p. 2). It is therefore fair to state that the system is failing in the area of providing world-class Kindergarten to College education. Lack of political will This failing system is exacerbated by the fact that corrective actions for this system are very much based on political will. Politicians have also avoided discussions on issues which would impact significantly on society. In effect, many major issues, like this issue on the educational system would likely be unresolved and ignored by politicians (Splitt, p. 2). Proposed reforms to the system have also been blocked by teachers’ unions and the illusion that the educational system is not failing seems to have been perpetuated by school administrators. High attrition rates More particular issues face this failing system. One of these issues includes the alarming attrition rate of teachers (Boyer and Hamil, 2008, p. 2). Teaching is one of the most demanding professions with a significant amount of responsibility and pressure attached to it. These pressures and demands often drive teachers out of the profession and opt for other career choices. In 2006, Jalongo and Heider presented statistics which indicate that about 46% of teachers quit teaching after five years or less, and about 90% of teachers hired are called in to fill in teaching spots for teachers who have left the profession for a reason not owed to retirement (p. 379). Due to these losses in the teaching profession, a significant amount of cost is also incurred to search for and recruit new teachers. Kopkowski (p. 21) estimates that about $7 billion dollars a year are spent to recruit, hire, and retain new teachers. These are costs which could have been better spent for other resources needed in the educational system. Students are also affected by this attrition rates. Qualified teachers leaving the profession often subjects students to substandard education (Jalongo and Heider, p. 380). In effect, the quality of their education and their skills set is also compromised. There are various reasons which prompt teachers to leave their profession. In an article by Anhorn (p. 15), she enumerates that difficult work assignments, limited resources, role conflicts, and isolation are some of the main reasons. For new teachers, these burdens can prove particularly overwhelming and eventually force them out of the system. As a result, the percentage rate of new teachers leaving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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