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Abstract: The purpose of this project will be to plant more trees around the university’s compound and its environs and to create awareness among students about the importance of environmental conservation. Planting trees will bring major environmental benefits to the…
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Download file to see previous pages The project will aim at educate students through training programs and environmental campaigns. Various environmental topics such as waste management and energy conservation will be focused on. The target of the project will be to plant 500 tree seedlings and to educate more than 5000 students. Different varieties of trees will be planted. The trainings will be facilitated by experts in the field of environment and will target 50 students per training session. Facilitators will only focus on environmental issues. Trainings will enhance environmental sustainability since students will be able to apply what they will learn. Concerning campaigns, two campaigns will be conducted each month. The campaigns are expected to bring various benefits to the population of Arizona. For instance, they will change students’ perceptions on various environmental issues as well as enhance students’ commitment towards practices that enhance environmental protection. The project will aim at utilizing the efforts of volunteers to ensure the outlined activities are implemented in an efficient and timely manner. Themes of the campaigns will incorporate issues to do with waste management and energy conservation. The project will positively impact sustainability at the university through enhancing environmental awareness and conservation as well as promoting environmental unity.
2. Stakeholders: Different groups of people will aid in the implementation process of this project. They will contribute to its success either directly or indirectly. The first group of people will be the board members of the University of Arizona. They will support the project through decision making. They will provide consent for implementation of various project activities. They will also decide where trees will be planted. The input of lecturers from the School of Natural Resources and Environment, as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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