Environmental Impact and Risk Analysis: the Intermediate Goal of Determining the Key Payers for Inclusion a Strategy for Enhancing Water Quality - Assignment Example

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The author proposes the strategy for enhancing water quality which includes the mobilization local leaders from the community and information technology experts involved. The author also proposes to carry out environmental training for public awareness creation…
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Environmental Impact and Risk Analysis: the Intermediate Goal of Determining the Key Payers for Inclusion a Strategy for Enhancing Water Quality
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Extract of sample "Environmental Impact and Risk Analysis: the Intermediate Goal of Determining the Key Payers for Inclusion a Strategy for Enhancing Water Quality"

Environmental impact and risk analysis: The intermediate goal of determining the key
payers for inclusion a strategy for enhancing water quality
Environmental Impact and Risk Analysis
In order to come up with a reliable and a timely way of dealing with the current environmental challenges which mainly relate to the levels, quality and state of water, a number of issues must be addressed. Various people with expertise in different fields need to collaborate in ensuring that the current environmental crisis regarding water is solved. Various strategies are necessary in dealing with the problem at hand. The strategies should enhance risk avoidance and reduction (Grove, 1997).
To begin with the strategy to formulate would include mobilization local leaders from the community involved. This group of people will help in identifying the core cause(s) of the problem and the best way of addressing the water crisis. The local members in the affected community would also play a key role in the communication between the environmental experts and the locals that must actively be involved in solving the problem they are facing. Information technology experts would also be included (McCormick, 2001; Grove, 1997). Their core role would be to analyze the current situation and suggest methods through which information technology could be employed in trying to protect the environment. Such methods could be through the information Technology experts coming up with satellite surveillance and closed circuit television cameras that would help monitor the environment to ensure no further degradation takes place to the environment.
Local community leaders used in sensitizing the public would also be fundamental in helping in the sensitization of the community on the importance of environment conservation. Since the area facing the water challenges is quite expansive, the use of ecologists, planners, agricultural economists, environmental engineers, the government environmental and natural resource minister, sociologists, chemical engineers, geographical and archeological experts would all be necessary. In addition to the above mentioned experts, the chair of CBEPS committee would also endeavor to include biologists and other interested groups that may be considered crucial in the attempt to combat the pollution issues and fully address the water quality matters.
In order to have a reasonable outcome that would solve the current environmental problems, a numbers of solutions would be combined. To begin with, an environmental training would be carried out. The purpose of the environmental training would be to enhance acquisition of basic skills on environmental management and make the people understand the individual roles that one can play in conserving the environment (McCormick, 2001). The key players in the environment would therefore be trained on all matters concerning the environment. Additionally, a special security force would be formed to take care of all matters related to possible environmental pollutants and degraders.
Public awareness creation through educating the public and creating awareness of the risks that exist and importance of conserving the environment would also be done. This shall lead to various tree planting programs being carried out, restrictions and legal steps being taken against industries that pollute the environment and formulation of laws and environmental policies that outlaw logging and deforestation and other forms of environmental degradation means. Another step that would be taken is launching various projects that would actively involve the community members in planting trees in designated areas such as forest reserves. The community members would also be encouraged to conserve rain water for future use.
Grove, R. H. (1997). Ecology, climate and empire: colonialism and global environmental history 1400-1940. Cambridge: Whitehorse Press.
McCormick, J. (2001). Environmental policy in the European Union. The European series. Palgrave. Read More
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