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Writing a Business Plan - Essay Example

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Use of cell phone also endangers different animal species in the universe. This is because the elements used in coating cell phones are dangerous to animals and…
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Writing a Business Plan
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Extract of sample "Writing a Business Plan"

Business Plan of a Cell Phone Recycling Company By: Location Business Plan for a Cell Phone Recycling CompanyCompany purpose:
To promote health and conserve the environment through cell phone recycling.
Use of cell phone causes health hazards due to the toxic chemicals found on the cell phones and their accessories. Use of cell phone also endangers different animal species in the universe. This is because the elements used in coating cell phones are dangerous to animals and their habitats. The issue of health and endangered species is addressed globally by recycling the millions of cell phones found on the planet.
The company will address the negative issues caused by use of cell phones. This is because it will prevent mining of destructive elements from the environment by collecting used phones and making new ones from them. The cell phones will be widely used by all members and for all purposes of communication as they will have been tested by the relevant authorities to ensure that they do not pose health problems to the users.
Why Now:
The plan of starting up a cell phone recycling company was occasioned by the recent developments reported by the United Nations with regards to endangered species in various parts of the world caused by human activities conducted to encourage the production of cell phones.
Market Size:
The cell phones produced by the company will cater for average citizens who spend heavily in purchasing phones yearly. The cell phones will tremendously help them to cut their expenses in purchasing phones while at the same time conserving the environment. Secondly, the cell phones will also cater for underprivileged individuals as they will obtain them at an affordable cost
The main competitors will be other companies dealing in the same line of cell phone recycling. However, the company will have a competitive advantage over them because of highly trained staffs, more financial incentives and providing customers with a means of mailing or transporting their used cell phones and electronics within the company’s premises free of charge.
The cell phones will be extremely effective as they will have the latest technology updates. The shape of the design will be different from those of existing cell phones to give it uniqueness over other phones. The cell phones will also be developed within months and will be launched in the markets in six months time by a team of highly trained engineers with a specialty in different fields.
Business Model:
The main source of revenue for the company will be from the sales of the cell phones. It will also involve the donations given to the company by Non-governmental organizations and other well wishers keen on conserving the environment. The prices for the cell phone will be cheaper compared to other cell phones as the company will be recycling materials, therefore, saving the expenses used in production of raw materials. The cell phones will be distributed to various clients by sales people employed by the company. Lastly, the phones will be estimated to have a lifetime value of one year, before being exposed to viruses or functioning technicalities.
The founder of the cell phone company will also act as a manager. The company will also have a management team formed of various departmental heads and a board of directors with the founder acting as the chair of the board.
All company’s financial statements, cash flows and P&L will be compiled by the finance manager in the balance sheet and left at his custody.
Fullen, S. L. (2005). How to write a great business plan for your small business in 60 minutes or less. Ocala, Fla, Atlantic Pub. Group. Read More
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Writing a Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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