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Gateway Project for Snowtown - Case Study Example

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The city of Snowtown is literally an invisible dot on the wider plain of the Australian map largely due to some conspicuous architectural oversights. A visible lapse in the city is the absence of gateways that serves the purpose of explicitly publicizing the district to motorist and travelers…
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Gateway Project for Snowtown
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Download file to see previous pages In order to reverse this abysmal trend, my plan proposes the design and implementation of a project that will establish two main gateway signs, to be located in two strategic sites in the town. The overall rationale behind this decision is to present Snowtown to commuters before their entry into the district. It will also serve as a quick reference to what is on offer and where it can be obtained within the premise of the city.
The project envisages beyond given the town an aesthetic phase lift to also providing a one stop coordinating network of the town's iconic and signing outlay. To be incorporated in the project is the construction of public services centers at definite locations within the overall framework of the project.
Snowtown by virtue of her location is the most preferred route for road users commuting to and fro Adelaide and Port Piere. Owing to this significant advantage, it is incumbent on the city planners to identify how to enhance the comparative advantage of this phenomenon within the established context of road transport. A recent survey indicates that, most travelers know little or nothing about this boisterous town besides cruising through it to their intended destinations.
The project therefore, desires to embark on a massive publicity campaign that will showcase the township as an appealing tourism destination that will treat visitors to a delightful exhibition of the rich cultural heritage of Snowtown. It will serve as a platform to tap into the vibrant agricultural legacy for which the township is reputed for. In the case of Snowtown, besides the conventional road signage, there is a conspicuous gap in the provision of other equally relevant information outposts that presents the town in a unique fashion with the view of marketing it.
In recognition of the above fact, there has been a remarkable move by government in recent times to explore within available provisions to pursue viable programmes that spurs sustainable economic improvement nationwide of which infrastructural development ranks high. The government's policy is motivated by the knowledge that given the relevant policy backing, cities and towns within the local government and decentralization programme can be challenged under available resources to resuscitate their dormant economic forces and also discover other fallow segments that have hitherto been overlooked.
This is the basis upon which, this project is in resonance with an overall national agenda of economic development using infrastructural improvement as a catalyst to achieve this goal. Judging from the above, it cannot be disputed that this project is not only timely, but also connected with the long held value system that defines the township and people of Snowtown. It provides an opportunity to seal the patches that are causing leakages to the economic, social and tourist endowments in the intended project implementation locations. When all is said and done, the project will have immediate benefits to the current generation with rippling effects on posterity.
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(Gateway Project for Snowtown Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Gateway Project for Snowtown Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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