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Environmental impact - Essay Example

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Preservation of historical structures and sites include keeping up the integrity of the place through protection and rebuilding utilizing both old and new materials. The protection of historical structures may include a few stages, which could conceivably incorporate…
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Environmental impact
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Preservation of Historical Monuments Affiliation Preservation of historical structures and sites include keeping up the integrity of the place through protection and rebuilding utilizing both old and new materials. The protection of historical structures may include a few stages, which could conceivably incorporate restoration, reclamation and reinforcement. The world is developing at a swift pace, but there is need to keep the historical monuments since they have several benefits. There are numerous ways groups can revitalize and modernize neighborhoods while keeping up recorded structures. The Italy and China among others have used corporate sponsorship to preserve their monuments.
To start with, Italy through corporate partnership has called for the preservation of her historical sites that include the famous Roman monuments where people perceive to be the origin of the western culture. Faiola (2014) stated that although the idea seemed to be good, it equally attracted heavy criticism among the people living in the neighborhood and those who visit the sites for valid reasons. Among their worries was that after renovation process the tourists visiting the site could cause the environmental degradation. The residents argued that when the tourists visit the site they pollute the environment by throwing waste materials and causing soil erosion. Case in point, the Italian government needs to educate its citizens on the importance of preserving their historical sites such as the Roman monuments and the importance of conserving the environment.
Preserving the historical sites has several benefits attached to it, and the practice should be encouraged all over the world. For instance, once the Roman monuments are rebuilt to their original look, they will change the nature of a deteriorating neighborhood and attract investments in the area. Faiola (2014) asserted that the region would act as a tourist attraction site and provide employment opportunities to the local people. In return, the rehabilitation process will attract more investors into the area leading into an economic boom, thus improving the national kitty in the process. Additionally, preserving the monuments also means saving the resources used during the construction process. Consequently, saving the resources used helps to conserve the environment due to minimized exploitation of resources. Therefore, it is important for the Italians to support their government in the preservation the Roman monuments for their own benefit.
On the other hand, Adidas took an initiative to preserve the Great Wall of China by sponsoring John Wall in his trip to the Great Wall of China. Additionally, Wall demonstrated his tattoo about the Great Wall as he took a trip to this historical site (Lee, 2014). Sponsoring games in at the Great Wall of China attracts more tourists, thus enabling the country to earn foreign income and create more jobs in the process. On the other hand, tourism contributes to the environmental degradation through setting up of new tourists’ facilities that need clearing up of vegetation when erecting the facilities when mismanaged. The move by Adidas to support preservation is not strong enough to inspire the society to support the initiative. Instead, Adidas should have tried another preservation idea such as taking part in the rebuilding of the demolished parts of the wall and educating people about the significance of conserving the environment. With such ideas on board, the company would enlighten the Chinese people about the importance of preserving their historical sites.
To boot, Egypt has put efforts to restore its historical monuments through public-private partnership. Even though, the practice has attracted criticism because the restoration process would not make the site to regain its original look, the government has proceeded with the process. According to Walters (2011), the Egyptian government was able to restore Karnaks ninth pylon. In Israel, a nonprofit organization held educational forums to enlighten people about the need to preserve their national historical monuments. In 1991, the society was able to prevent demolition of historical buildings in Tel Aviv and the historical part of the city still stands up to date as stated by Nicole (2013). Both Egypt and Israel aimed attracting more tourists and conserving the environment simultaneously. The two countries have viewed preservation as way of avoiding exhaustion of the available resources.
It is important for the societies to preserve their historical monuments to preserve the past information about their cultural heritages. The monuments act as sources of investments through tourism and hosting of various events such as cultural festivals. Preservation of monuments also helps to conserve the environment since renovation of old structures requires few resources. Despite significant disparagement about the preservation of historical sites, the benefits attached to the preservation process outweigh the drawbacks.
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Environmental Impact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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