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Strengths, Weaknesses and Plan of Action of an Analysis - Essay Example

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The reporter underlines that his current draft has a myriad of strengths as he comes to know by his instructor and peer feedbacks and his own analysis. To name a few, he is very good at the generalization of his argument which fortifies the significance of his standpoint…
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Strengths, Weaknesses and Plan of Action of an Analysis
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Extract of sample "Strengths, Weaknesses and Plan of Action of an Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages I have also been able to use a variety of sentence structures like simple, compound and complex sentence structures which help articulate my thoughts in a proper manner. Very short paragraphs keep the reader interested. I am also able to, as it shows by my draft, discuss both the sides of the issue so that the reader may be able to get a better idea about the positive and negative aspects of the issue at hand. It seems that I am very efficient in the presentation of my draft as the tone remains the same and all textual evidence is properly cited.
It seems that I have been unable to specify a specific audience for my text. This may have led to some confusion for the reader as to for whom the text is really intended for. The text is not confusing in itself, but still, there should have been audience specification. I have not used any metaphors. The text seems to be less literary and more philosophical, which is something that many readers who are looking for some scholarly text might get disappointed about. Also, I have not used any external source which may have been necessary to back up my opinion. I have generalized the issue according to my own opinion, and there is no external source to support my argument. Other than these points, I have not come to know any noticeable weakness in the structure, layout and presentation in my text by way of my instructor’s and peer’s feedback.
The first thing I need to revise is that I should incorporate some external sources in my text to back up my argument. I think it is very important as one is able to give more evidence to support one’s point of view. This involves research, and I must be able to do this by looking up for literary sources in the library and over the internet. I must, however, first consult my instructor to determine whether an external source is actually required in the first place.
The second thing that I need to think upon is specifying my audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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