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Kindly refer to the instruction - Research Paper Example

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It is set to surround the life of a little boy who lives on a dead-end street in Dublin with his uncle and aunt. The house that they live in was previously owned by a priest who fancied reading fictional books such as moldy books,…
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Kindly refer to the instruction
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Download file to see previous pages The primary focus is when Mangan is called by her sister for tea. One of the boys spots her in the lighted doorway where she stands and falls for her. The story develops with this boy perusing his love, Mangan (Joyce 17).
After close analysis of this short story, it is clear that the narrator uses Mangans sister to portray that love could be misleading and hurting given some circumstances. The narrator describes a boy developing a serious crush on his friends older sister since the time he spots her calling his friend. The boys love for Mangans sister can be viewed as poisonous. The boy is seen to fall for Mangans sister because she is not only charming but also good-looking. He notices every detail of her from her tender hair to the feel of her palm. The narrator explains that the boy even follows the girl to school but is continuously unable to express how he feels for the girl. He is too shy to do it. At some point, the narrator terms the boys crush on Mangans sister as no longer a crush. This is because the boy even cries alone due to the pain he experiences perusing this girl in vain. Even harder, it is until later in the story that he can express his feelings in a dramatic manner. This is when he holds Mangans sisters hand to a point that she starts trembling. The boy cant even speak up but only murmurs the words "O love! O love!" severally (Joyce 103). Later on in the narrative, the boy finally gathers courage and decides to talk to the girl. The conversation is, however, not as impressive as expected. Here, the boy lets the girl know of his feelings with the promise of buying her a present from the town’s bazaar. The girl is not impressed by the attempts to lure her.
From this description, Mangans sister is used to bring out the hurting aspect of love. She remains as a silent character all through the story. The focus lies on Mangans friend who suffers a great deal due to his feelings for Mangan’s sister. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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