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The paper "Requirements For Effective Business Writing" analyze the elements of the and how it connects to other elements such as conciseness, language, and organization in regards s to effective business writing. The provisions of the recommendations may be suitable for new interns…
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Requirements For Effective Business Writing
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Requirements For Effective Business Writing
I am writing to show and educate new interns in the organization on elements to consider during business writing. The recommendations will analyze the elements of the and how it connects to other elements such as conciseness, language, and organization in regards s to effective business writing. The provisions of the recommendations may be suitable for new interns and also existing new interns in the organization setting.
In business writing, the audience intended for the information dictates the sort of language one may use addressing them (Forsyth 43). It is determined by the authority level of authority of a person. For instance, the language I use addressing my department partner is different to the one I may use addressing my department head. However, one common is that effective business writing should be done in a formal way regardless of the audience intended. Formal terms such as Sir and Madam should be used. When addressing staff at a higher authority level, the language used should be formal and courteous (Forsyth 56). In an example, I may write to my department head, “Dear, Sir. I humbly write to request for additional material to enable my project completion”. I may then finalize my letter with the words, “Yours Sincerely”. This form of writing depicts the authority difference between the writer and the audience.
Conciseness refers to the ability of a person to use necessary and summarized words to address a particular problem. This element is mandatory in business writing. In addition, the audience intended for a piece of information dictates the form of conciseness that may be used by the writer. When writing to managers one should be as concise as possible. In addition, one should ensure the summary of their words addresses effectively the intent of the information provided. However, conciseness may be limited when relaying information to fellow employees. This is based on the assumption that information provided may be detailed. Additionally, the information may include instructions and details must be included. Information provided to the authority is mostly requests and recommendations which should be concise and necessary (Forsyth 76). For example, when addressing my department head the body of my letter may just include, “Kindly note that there is a deficit in the finances provided to enable my project competition. Kindly consider increasing the financial contribution”.
The connection between the intended audience and the organization in business writing bear similar significance. In the organization setting, there is a large quantity of information conveyed on a daily basis. For this reason, one is required to calibrate the audience a piece of information is intended. For instance, memos are addressed to specific audiences in the organization to which the information is relevant. In addition, the person from whom a message is from should be included. The provision of information to authoritative should be addressed with titles. For instance, I may write, “to the head procurement department”.
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Forsyth, Patrick. Effective Business Writing. Kogan Page. 2009. Print. Read More
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