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HR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Instructor University HR Training and Development Looking for the right and high quality talent in a candidate is a very sensitive matter when it comes to recruitment in any organization. Today the job market has become very aggressive and people from all skills sets are growing very rapidly…
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HR Training and Development
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Download file to see previous pages Online job portals are the best solution which benefits both the employer and employee in landing on the right job. Today internet is one of the most widely used tools to search and post jobs online. Many companies still choose to advertise the open vacancy in the newspapers but most of the organizations are switching towards online job portals. The positive impact of an online job portal has been emphasized as is it has completely changed the way a job seeker searches for jobs and the way in which companies recruit employees. According to the latest research, there are more than 2000 online job search websites that exist today and it is also evident that job placement through online job portals have a very high ratio in the current time. Online job portals help the companies to advertise their job openings globally and the organization gets the chance to explore global talent for selection whereas job seekers can explore global opportunities and hence it creates a gateway for them to excel in their career (Richardson 2010). The positions of Human Resource Manager and Human Resource Recruiters on and website perfectly match the criteria of my skills sets. These include the Essential Job responsibilities, requirements and other educational requirements of these posts. There are many online job advertisement portals available over the internet that provides different resources to filter the right candidate. Career building websites provide different questions, articles and links for effective interviewing of the candidate and also online screening and test to chop down to the right candidate. From the job seekers point of view career building websites provide articles and links for effective resume writing and cover letter according to the company’s requirement. Other tools provided by career builders are training resources for candidates that include different training modules in the technical or management field. These resources help both the job seeker and the job advertisers to effectively pursue their goals in a short amount of time (Handler 2008). The advantage from the point of view of an organization for online job postings on different job website is the cost factor. The advertisement cost is almost reduced to 90% from the traditional advertising methods. E-Recruitment allows the employees to interact with the candidate in a really short time and the employer can post a job on the website in less the 20 minutes with no limit size. Company’s online job posting can stay live on the website for complete 30 days and the hiring process is 70% faster than traditional hiring. Since the website is viewed globally therefore the audience exposure is wider and the process is easy. Job seekers can have a wider approach towards their career search and they can explore the career resources on the websites for effect resume building and cover letters for the company. Job seekers can view the complete job description before applying for a job and they can also filter the job from city to salary range and also according to the technical skills they possess (Handler 2008). Online job posting has become a wide choice by most of the companies to publish their jobs online. It has been observed that many companies now post available vacancies online rather than using traditional media. Hiring the right candidat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HR Training and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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