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Kindly read the assigned Secom: Managing Information Security in a Risky World and answer the questions - Case Study Example

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This service provides a way of encryption of information on transit so as to protect it from unintended recipients. Should a hacker have access to encrypted information, they will not be able to read or manipulate the data in any way (Warren…
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Kindly read the assigned case Secom: Managing Information Security in a Risky World and answer the questions
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Extract of sample "Kindly read the assigned Secom: Managing Information Security in a Risky World and answer the questions"

Download file to see previous pages Constraints in developing and implementing information security may be external to the organization and beyond the control of the organization or internal and controllable (Warren, 2008). They include the following.
ii. Change in laws (such in this particular case). This may cause an increase the potential costs arising from exposure of sensitive information and may create new obligations for providing controlled access to information (Steve, 2008).
This alternative though expensive is comprehensive and most likely to meet Sekine’s needs. Also it would help him attain greater expertise, a wider range of services while cost is reduced. In addition he would be able to retain the same responsibilities for security as if those services were performed in-house.
In conclusion, information security is a complex undertaking that requires a well coordinated ability to identify in advance, integrate and allow people to adapt, the process and technology components that together drive the set of security initiatives. The approach allows for transparency into how resources are being allocated and which trade-offs arise when unexpected issues surface that compel executives to reconsider the security strategy priorities (Krag, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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