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The Challenges of Successfully Implementing a Knowledge Management Initiative - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay aims to analyze the challenges of successfully implementing a knowledge management initiative. Implementing knowledge management in Smartphone Development Labs comes with understanding the key concepts in knowledge management…
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The Challenges of Successfully Implementing a Knowledge Management Initiative
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Download file to see previous pages Regarding the topic implementing knowledge management in an organisation, consumer behaviour, DSL is underway due to the increase in internet users globally. For instance, in 2005, the number of internet users escalated from 941 million users to 1.7 billion users in 2008. , As a result, the website has continued to provide consumers with a new purchasing medium, which is far more different from the knowledge management-purchasing medium. This digitalization is changing consumer purchasing and consumption behaviour (Solomon, 2012). Implementing a knowledge-based system elevates the communication between the organization and the consumer. Based on the fact that internet has changed buying behaviour, companies have not been left behind, as they have started using the internet with the aim of reducing marketing costs, hence reducing their product prices. Companies are also communicating and disseminating information concerning their products online. Moreover, the website has provided a new communication medium for DSL (Belch, 2008). Key concepts in knowledge management Smartphone Development Labs (SDL) needs to install knowledge management initiative. Implementing knowledge management in SDL comes with understanding the key concepts in knowledge management. Risk, strength and gap are the key concepts in knowledge management. The elements of knowledge management aid in securing collaboration between the organisation and its employees (Canton, 2007). The challenges involved in implementing management with SDL Knowledge management remains crucial in any organization. It remains an economic challenge for the future of SDL. Knowledge management is a long-term goal, which comes with extreme challenges. The challenges include; power & conflict, cross-culture, leadership &organisational culture and security of information (Hislop, 2009). Challenge 1: Power & conflict Knowledge management comes with managing power and conflict. Data management systems created to ease work for employees require individual effort to the merger with teamwork. The nature of the knowledge management facilitates access to expert information. Knowledge management facilitates the communication of people in an organisation in terms of the approaches used to solve a given situation (Cleland & Ireland, 2006). As compared to knowledge management buying behaviour, knowledge management initiative plays a role in the behaviour of DSL are influenced by the opportunity of viewing and purchasing products or services, visualizing their needs with available products or services, and discussing products with other consumers globally (Hislop, 2009). In addition, knowledge management assisted the consumer by availability, while DSL’ behaviour aids consumers through convenient purchasing. These are just but a few of the strategies that Smartphone Development Labs (SDL) has adopted to ensure the comfort their employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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