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A good engineering job can sustain the home and pay for the electric charges. However, 1000 kilowatt-hours is a substantive amount of power regardless of the personal income. In addition, at my age I still have investment…
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Residential Solar Power in Tucson
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Residential Solar Power in Tucson Electric consumption charges are primary home expenses. A good engineering job can sustain the home and pay for the electric charges. However, 1000 kilowatt-hours is a substantive amount of power regardless of the personal income. In addition, at my age I still have investment plans to execute that require considerable saving. The electricity costs incurred would include supply and delivery expenses thus making traditional purchase more expensive. The paradigm shift to alternative power sources that are environmentally friendly might also influence personal decisions. In this regard, I might seek for alternative means of power purchase to save on cost and conserve the environment.
Conventional electric production uses coal, nuclear or other forms of fossil fuels that through emissions contribute to global warming. In addition, the non-renewable energy sources are declining. Hence, I might choose not to purchase electricity in the traditional manner based on sustainability issues, demand charge, and environmental concerns.
I will install solar panels to progress my desire for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and clean power source. Energy demand of 1000 kilowatt-hours per month shall require photovoltaic cells of approximately (50) 200 watts photovoltaic modules (Powerfully Green 1). Even though it entails significant installation cost, the power energy is renewable and accessible to photovoltaic cells. In addition, solar energy is environmentally friendly. It produces no emissions compared to fossil fuels that deplete the Ozone layer (Powerfully Green 1). In this regards, I will choose not to purchase blocks of solar power because the overall cost will be high. Installation is solar panels are the long-term solution to the energy crisis.
The decisions above decisions address personal preferences, energy requirements, and cost of operation. Thus, the solar panels provide green energy at a friendly price.
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