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It is referred to as maintenance of the ecosystems that are long-term and durable. The approach it takes should put into consideration a peaceful co-existence of human beings and…
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Campus Sustainability ( university of arizona )
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UA Sustainability Efforts The need to sustain the environment is a vital factor for all s and the entire society. It is referred to as maintenance of the ecosystems that are long-term and durable. The approach it takes should put into consideration a peaceful co-existence of human beings and other organisms. As a result of climate change that causes negative effects to the environment, sustainability has the capacity to resist change. This improves the reliability and quality of the ecosystems. In addition, it facilitates the maintenance of forests and rivers which are essential in the production of rain. The University of Arizona is renowned for its outstanding efforts in making the environment sustainable. The campus has put in place measures that aim at saving money, energy, and water among other resources (Craswell, 77).
There are projects initiated by the campus for water conservation, recycling processes, the reuse of some commodities and application of alternative source of energy. The BioPark and the solar zone are projects that provide the energy required by the campus. They are substantial economic developments as they save on money spent to pay for electricity. The bridges are another example of the campus efforts to bring significance and efficiency for the entire Tucson community. Further, the projects intensify the student’s research, making them expound on many ideas. It creates job opportunities for other people within the community during the construction stage. The school garden workshop brings the student and the community together as they work on the farm. Improved farming techniques that reduce pollution are put into practice. This provides food for the campus ant the neighborhood at a lower cost, thus save their money for other purposes. The students use recycled water for crop production hence minimize on wastage. In the campus, structures are designed in a way that conserves the environment, and this enables students to uphold sustainability. For instance, the residential halls and the recreation centre. The school’s compound is occupied by trees that provide shade for students and a source of shelter for birds. This highly creates a balanced ecosystem (Brooks, 67).
The biofuel from algae project is a potential energy provider; however, it is due to completion. If realized, the project will offer an alternative source of energy for the transport industry. Algae have the ability to grow on non-crop zones, and thus land for crop production will not be affected. This method of energy reduces the emission of green house gases that damage the environment. The school management advises students and workers to use bicycles as a means of transport. It reduces pollution and saves on energy to a great extent. An electric train is the main method of transportation that the campus intends to use to connect the campus with other towns. The classrooms have white roof tops, and this avoids the use of a cooling system. This approach saves on water and energy. Recycling of waste products in the campus enhances the conservation of the environment (Artiola, 288).
It is evident that the students, employees, management and the surrounding community if the UA is devoted to the sustainability of the environment. The programs offered at Arizona facilitate agriculture and environmental conservation measures. Therefore, it plays a key role in promoting a safe and clean environment for the existence of all organisms.
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