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Sunlight energy is a form of renewable energy generated by the sun. It is formed by harnessing sunlight and changing it to electricity using solar panels. In the last few years solar energy has been one of the fastest…
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Solar power
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College: Solar Power Solar power can generally be referred to as sunlight energy. Sunlight energy is a form of renewable energy generated by the sun. It is formed by harnessing sunlight and changing it to electricity using solar panels. In the last few years solar energy has been one of the fastest growing industries in the United States (Ucilia n.p). Advertising is the art of marketing a product by creating awareness of its existence. Traditionally, it has been done through the media, billboards, psychological selling among others.
Advertising is needed so as to expand the solar power market (Clean Energy Group and Smart Power 10).The solar power market has grown in the recent past but more needs to be done to sensitize consumers on its existence. One of the ways to ensure that solar power is attractive to individual consumers is by launching an advertising campaign based on solar energy’s characteristics. The unique features of solar such as it is the most abundant source of energy should be taken advantage of by advertisers. A television or radio commercial will appeal to a larger portion of the market. The prospective consumers who watch or listen to television or radio will be reached.
There several ways through which United States government make solar power affordable to its citizens. The first on is offering subsidies to solar power companies. This would consecutively reduce the costs of producing solar panels, translating into lowered prices for solar panels, as well as, acquisition, and installation (Sunhot n.p). This would make solar power affordable to the citizens and more competitive in the market. Secondly, United States’ government needs to establish and implement policies that are favorable for solar power improvement and development. Lastly, the government needs to encourage research, creativity, economies of scale, and better technological solar systems that will sequentially reduce production costs (Office of energy efficiency and renewable energy n.p).
The effectiveness of solar energy is, however, subject to discussion. The major limitation to its effectiveness is the fact that, solar can only produce power during the day which can further be reduced by cloud cover. Secondly, materials used in making solar panels, cadmium and lead, are considered harmful (Zachary n.p). When disposing solar panels one needs to be keen not to expose cadmium to the soil, to prevent it from leeching into the underground waters. Lastly, currently the costs of installing solar arrays for an entire home might be costly. This makes the electricity they produce cost substantially more than that provided by conventional power sources.
In conclusion solar power is very useful and works well with most items. But when it comes to large appliances that use heat electric elements it is not cost effective .It is recommended that conversion to other forms be carried out, for instance, natural gas and propane among other alternatives. Other alternatives include hydro, geothermal, biomass, ocean energy and wind power. These alternative sources of energy can never run out as they are constantly developing naturally. If these energy sources are properly utilized the world can meet its future energy demands. There is potential useable geothermal and hydro energy in the United States that could form good alternatives to solar power. This is because their production is less costly as compared to that of solar power.
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