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The law entails how the government can set up wind farms as well as the installation of solar panels. Once the installation is complete, the law will be strict on industries that continue to use…
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Blog Assignment The law proposes that households and industry players to adopt wind and solar power. The law entails howthe government can set up wind farms as well as the installation of solar panels. Once the installation is complete, the law will be strict on industries that continue to use oil.
Continued use of oil by human beings poses great environmental problems. Oil falls under the category of non-renewable energy sources, and its formation usually takes several years. Its availability continues to decrease upon exhausting the existing, as well as new reserves. Even though, transporting oil is relatively easy, the commonest mode of transportation, which human beings use in transporting it from one port to another, is by supertanker. Although spills seldom occur, the outcome threatens marine life.
Another disastrous activity that human beings engages in is burning of oil for diverse purposes. Burning oil leads to the production of carbon dioxide, which is a major component of greenhouse gas. In addition, Sulfur is a constituent of oil, which when burnt generates sulfur trioxide and sulfur dioxide (Michaelides 196). The compounds combine with the available moisture in the atmosphere and form sulfuric acid. The acid leads to the formation of acid rain, which leads to destruction of forests. The acid rain also causes progressive erosion of masonry structures and rocks.
Ratification of the proposed environmental law will be a step in making an end of deleterious effects of oil on the environment. Wind and solar power offer an alternative source of energy, which is friendly to the environment and with the least pollution if any.
Work Cited
Michaelides, Efstathios E. Alternative Energy Sources. Berlin: Springer Berlin, 2011. Print. Read More
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