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Solar Power Generation - Essay Example

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In our contemporary world, naturally-occurring energy has increasingly become a phenomenon that needs to be harnessed, in view of the implications of unabated use of wholly artificial, environmentally-unfriendly methods of power generation presently available…
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Solar Power Generation
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Extract of sample "Solar Power Generation"

Download file to see previous pages This is by far the primary consideration in the operation of power electronic devices. In Solar power generation, light from sunshine is converted by photovoltaic (PV) Solar panels into direct current (DC) electricity. For power electronics (in today's world and in the future) to enhance Solar power generation, this aspect (efficiency) is a vital consideration. Solar panels generally have a conversion ratio or Solar panel efficiency, which is an indication of their energy-conversion capability. PV enhancement strategies must include design considerations that improve their current efficiency level, which is presently estimated at a maximum of about 17.5% (Greenpeace, "Solar Generation"), and a minimum of 6% (IEA, "Renewables for Power Generation"). The thickness of crystalline silicon used in PV production however needs to be carefully balanced against the desired increment in efficiency. This is due to the fact that efficiency tends to decrease with the thickness of the Silicon material. Perhaps some attention could be paid to optimising the spacing and inclination of PV panels (Geuder, Norbert et al). It might also help to look closely at enhancing PV efficiency through more focused use as ground receiver to capture maximum irradiation, with permanently varying solar angle (Geuder et al).
It is also a vital aspect of power electronic-for-solar power strategy to consider the enhancement of the absorption efficiency of the PV solar panels. Energy conversion wastage is not acceptable in solar power generation, as there is relatively little power to waste- the largest PV plants have a capacity of just under 60MW. Power transfer losses may also be minimised by specifying the voltage capacity(Guidelines for Solar Power Generation) as a means of reducing availability of wastable voltage .
Grid strategies
Solar generated power can be harmoniously used with grid (conventional) electricity, through proper incorporation of power electronics. In the increasingly environment-conscious world, as less of conventional energy consumption is desired, less grid electricity will feature in mainstream power supply. Hence hybrid systems can be enhanced, supported by power electronics- the grid system can act as a storage system receiving excess power generated by the photoelectric systems during the day and exporting needed energy back into the PV system during a shortfall period, such as night time. Through Inverters converting DC to AC for the grid, for instance, there can be significant augmentation and increase of solar power generation; likewise stand-alone systems can benefit from Inverters and batteries applied for AC usage systems. The grid-connected PV systems need a wide range (Greenpeace, "Solar Generation") of power classes to be properly adaptable to the flexibilities of grid power application.
Power capacity
The power capacity of PV solar panels can be enhanced for greater output in solar power generation. By paying close attention the weather, suitable operating conditions can be exploited for PV arrays. Further, by choosing an appropriate time of day, PV ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solar Power Generation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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