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There have been various complaints of those affected especially at the workplace. The issue affects both men and women. Therefore, this issue needs further investigation. I discussed with four individuals (John, Peter,…
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Weekly Activity 5
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Weekly Activity 5 The issues of sexual harassment have been on the rise. There have been various complaints of those affected especially at the workplace. The issue affects both men and women. Therefore, this issue needs further investigation. I discussed with four individuals (John, Peter, Shantel, and Monica), not their real names to understand whether they have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
John noted that he had noted experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. He had worked for over five years. However, he acknowledged having heard complaints from his friends that they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. However, Peter noted that he had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. He noted that he had experienced harassment as they went for a bonding session to another country. He noted that one of the supervisors for the company he worked made some comments as of a sexual nature as they were discussing together. He also noted that the supervisor touched him in an inappropriate way. Peter noted that this affected productivity in the work as he was unable to concentrate thinking about the incident. He was also emotionally affected as he was a married man and felt it as a form of betrayal to wife. However, he managed to solve the issue with the supervisor by telling him to stop, or he will report to the relevant authority. The issue never occurred again after the truce.
Shantel noted to have experienced sexual harassment. She said she received messages with sexual content from the manager. She noted that it affected, and she felt demoralized and intimidated to work in the company. The issue was handled by reporting the matter to the company chief executive officer, and the manager was warned of consequences. It has since stopped and they resolved to work together for the sake of company reputation. On the other hand, Monica also noted to have experienced sexual harassment. She noted that male sexual workers joked about her sexy body. She felt intimidated and sometimes depressed. She sometimes lost sleep at home thinking about the matter and was not willing to inform her husband. She reported the matter to the manager, and a warning letter was sent to those individuals involved in mockery.
In conclusion, it is clear there is a difference in males and females as sexual harassment is concerned. In this discussion, females are more likely to be sexually harassed as compared to males. However, it is clear work productivity is affected significantly in both males and females. Therefore, sexual harassment in the workplace needs to be addressed. Read More
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