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Issues Guidelines - Research Proposal Example

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It is undesirable that the issue of child labor engulfs the lives and innocence of many children across the world. It is notable that the…
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Issues Proposal Guidelines
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Extract of sample "Issues Guidelines"

Download file to see previous pages The issue reflects across all races and ethnicities, as well as, the countries since the causative agents are diverse. Child labor also has adverse effects on the health and individual development of the child, in addition to the impact on the larger society and nation as a whole.
According to the International Labor Organization conventions, child labor entails the activities of work in which children participate yet they should not be doing so since they are too young to work. Further, it also covers the aspects such as dangerous work, which is unsuitable for the children even when they are old to work (Choppara 11). It is notable that not all work is child labor as children particularly the adolescent have the obligation to assist in the work at home setting, as part of their personal and individual development into responsible beings. Thus, the issue of child labor occurs where there is exploitation of the children, with maltreatment as either slaves or involvement in activities that endanger their lives (Choppara 21). Consequently, the issue proves remarkably grave in regions where it combines with related social issues such as insecurity, lack of peace and stability and poverty. It is notable that child labor continues to reflect as a major concern in many parts of the world.
The issue of child labor in its entirety deprives the children their childhood, their potential and their dignity and is harmful to the physical and mental development of the child. The child labor activities are mentally, physically, socially and morally negative and dangerous to the child, and it interferes with the normal development environment expected for the child (Schmitz, Elizabeth & Desi 27). It deprives the child many of their childhood rights, including the major right to get an education. A key concern about the issue of child labor is that it denies the child the opportunity to go schooling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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