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Construction of a House - Research Proposal Example

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The author of this proposal "Construction of a House" provides a guideline to the construction of a 300M2 house for Mr. and Mrs. Jones residence. It is mentioned that it indicates the whole procedure to be undertaken during the construction process. …
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Construction of a House
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Extract of sample "Construction of a House"

Download file to see previous pages The owners of the house will be contacted on a regular basis to confirm the adjustments and modifications done.
The Supplementary Planning Document has been developed in accordance with local, regional and national planning policy, and the adoption of this guidance means that sustainable design and construction are material considerations to be given weight in considering development of this project, and can be the subject of planning conditions and/or obligations in respect of appropriate development. Applicants for planning permission will be expected to have considered this planning guidance and in so doing to have focused on the five sustainable design and construction aims defined here to:
Mr. and Mrs. Jones have relocated from New York to Alabama following their retirement. They decided to build their new dream house in a lot of lands that they had purchased earlier. This brought about to them selecting a team to oversee the construction works. I was contracted to write a project plan for the new housing project that will act as a guideline to the whole project since in this project plan I have indicated all the procedures to be undertaken to ensure that the project is successful and it is delivered according to the stipulated time.
The house to be constructed is of 300m2 which will be used as their new home, the project plans are to be started as soon as possible so as to meet the 25th December 2012 deadline and which is the time the project is expected to come to a completion. The construction and the implementation of this project should be done in accordance with the ideas, specification, and requirements of the owners which in this case is Mr. and Mrs. Jones. They are to approve every step and phase undertaken in the construction process and by using this project plan as the guideline to ensure strict budgetary arrangements and proper construction procedure is followed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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