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Securing Data using IPSEC VPN over Satellite Communication - Research Proposal Example

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Cyber attacks are becoming more common with the lapse of time and data protection has emerged as a major issue in today’s world of IT and telecommunications. That is why organizations now prefer to establish their own, private networks. Virtual private network or VPN…
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Securing Data using IPSEC VPN over Satellite Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Special focus will be put on Internet Protocol Security or IPSec protocol suite based VPN technology.
A VPN is a kind of relatively secure network communication system. With the help of tunneling techniques (for example, HTTP tunnel), tunneling protocols (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol or L2TP), IPSec technology, etc., a VPN is capable of operating as a secure and cost-effective network even inside the framework of a public network infrastructure (Bentley Walker 2012). Providers are now establishing VPN compatible with satellite communication systems (Siris, Ververidis, and Polyzos 2013). However, according to Fereidooni, Taheri, and Mahramian (2012:228):
“In essence, a VPN provides a secured tunnel between two end points across a public network. The protocols used over the Internet (TCP/IP) are designed for reliable end-to-end data delivery over unreliable and congested networks … However, satellite bears a high latency (delay) medium and TCP response to such latency is not in a determined way.”
In general, satellite modems are utilized for operating a VPN over satellite. These modems help to send TCP/IP data in the form of radio frequency or RF. They also help in receiving TCP/IP data from the RF signals. This kind of network communication system is termed as the “VPN over satellite” (Bentley Walker 2012, paragraph 1; Ground Control 2014) technology, which has become a crucial necessity for remote users.
While analyzing the security issues around VPN, Zhu and Ma (2004) stated that public key infrastructure (PKI) can be especially helpful along with dedicated network level key exchange protocols to enhance data protection. Within a few years, Demirel, Alagoz, and Ufuk (2006) stated that flow identification methods too are crucial for IPSec VPN technology operated via satellites. Much later, Fereidooni et al (2009) developed an enhanced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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