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This paper "Installing and Administering IPSec" presents an introduction of a security standard, called, IPSec and its capabilities in ensuring secure communication in the network. IPSec basically uses a combination of protocols such as Authentication Header, Encapsulating Security Payload, etc…
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Installing and Administering IPSec
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Download file to see previous pages So to solve this issue researchers are trying to increase the network security at each layer by designing a range of security protocols. The designed protocols include PGP, S/MIME, SET which are specifically designed to secure the application layer; SSL/TLS is designed to work on the transport layer. In this race, IPSec is also a security standard proposed by the IETF, that concerns with the security on the network layer, processes data packages on the IP packet layer, make available security services such as access control, data source authentication, integrity, data confidentiality etc (Zheng & Zhang, 2009; Brenton & Hunt, 2002; Forouzan & Fegan, 2006).

The fundamental idea behind the specification of IPSec is to provide security utilities, authentication of the source, content integrity, and confidentiality, at the IP (Internet Protocol) level that exists on the network layer. This necessitates a higher-level management protocol, Internet Key Exchange (IKE), to establish a security association (the context and parameters) for choosing cryptographic keys and performing mutual authentications, making safe data transfer, possible. The data transfer through IPSec uses one or both of two other protocols. First is, Authentication Header (AH) that provides source authentication and data integrity. The second protocol is the Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP), which provides data confidentiality and authentication (Yin & Wang, 2007; Blaze et al., 2002).

The structure of the report is as follows: 1st section describes the IPSec standard and implementation of security in the network using IPSec. 2nd section elaborates on the robustness and scalability of the IPSec standard with respect to other standards. 3rd section describes some of the limitations of IPSec implementation. 4th section highlights some best practices that have been observed as accelerating network communication and providing better security against attacks. And the last section summarizes the conclusions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Installing and Administering IPSec Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2552 Words.
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