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The Project of Installing New Equipment - Assignment Example

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The paper 'The Project of Installing New Equipment' presents are two main financing sources for the project of installing new equipment. One is raising funds through the issuance of securities, and the other is debt financing, i.e., issuance of preference capital…
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The Project of Installing New Equipment
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Extract of sample "The Project of Installing New Equipment"

Download file to see previous pages The creditworthiness of the company is based on its equity investments. But the cost of issuance of equity capital is much higher than raising funds on the basis of borrowings.
Raising funds on the basis of borrowings is also called debt funding. The main sources of debt funding are the issuance of preference shares, issuance of debentures (also called bonds), short and long term loans from banks or other financial institutions. Funding through borrowings has the advantage of repayment of fixed interest or dividend and principal amount; Thereafter the entire income and assets belong to equity holders. Preference capital normally does not have voting powers. The disadvantage is that the high cost is associated with the issuance of preference capital. Borrowings from other sources like issuance of bonds, loans from banks, etc. cost less than both issuances of equity shares and preference shares. The company has to meet the repayment schedule of interest and principal amount at all costs. Otherwise, the company has to face bankruptcy. Though borrowings do not have control over the working of the company, some time debt agreements put restrictions on certain activities.
No fixed form has been prescribed for these financial statements. But generally speaking, these financial statements should have qualities like comparability with the earlier years of the statements of the organizations as well as with the statements of other organizations.
The accrual basis of accountancy is used in the preparation of these statements. These statements should be based on the accounting concept of going concerned. Also, these statements should present a true and fair picture of the organization's earnings and position as to assets and liabilities on a particular date of balance sheet.
The users of these statements are investors, whether present or future, account payables and account receivable, providers of debt funding, and many others. Users also include students, government departments like statistical departments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Project of Installing New Equipment Assignment - 1.
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The Project of Installing New Equipment Assignment - 1.
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