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The Development of the Internet Protocol Security - Research Paper Example

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The author of the present research paper "The Development of the Internet Protocol Security" points out that with the rise of the internet and increased use of technology it became more difficult for the organizations as well as for individuals to maintain their privacy and secure their data…
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The Development of the Internet Protocol Security
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Extract of sample "The Development of the Internet Protocol Security"

Download file to see previous pages Communication across the various networks, therefore, become more secure and data transmission takes place in encrypted format thus securing the way message is delivered across the internet networks. IP’s main function is to ensure that host network and destination network effectively communicate with each other in a secure environment. IPSEC is, therefore, a protocol suite that actually secures the Internet Protocol communication between the networks by encrypting and authenticating the data transmitted.
IPSec is considered as a framework of open standards with the major objective of protecting and securing the communication between different networks through encrypting security services. IP Packets have inherently no built-in security feature and it is really easy to interfere with these data packets and temper them. This lack of inherent security feature, therefore, requires that certain frameworks for IPs must be developed so that data is transmitted securely. (Doraswamy & Harkins, 2003)
IPSec, therefore, provides a robust mechanism to provide security to IP and higher layer protocols. Broadband technologies like cable and DSL traverse a network that is untrusted. This network is nothing but the internet. Thus the main important concern or worry about this broadband technology such as virtual private network or VPN is the security. IPSec is the IP security protocol. It facilitates the sending and receiving of packets. These packets are protected cryptographically. It provides two kinds of cryptographic services. Thus IPSec is an Internet Engineering Task Force standard. It defines how a VPN can be set up using the IP addressing protocol. It was originally defined in the RFC 2401 to 2412. IPSec is not restricted to any particular encryption, authentication or security algorithm. It is basically an open standard framework. (Watkins & Wallace, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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