Conflict Management in the Banking Sector - Thesis Proposal Example

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The author of this proposal entitled "Conflict Management in the Banking Sector" casts light on the possible solutions to conflicts in banking. According to the present text, organizational conflict arises between two or more members of the organization. …
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Conflict Management in the Banking Sector
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Extract of sample "Conflict Management in the Banking Sector"

Proposal on Conflict management in the Banking Sector
Organizational conflict arises between two or more members of the organization. It may be brought about due to an umber of factors ranging from scarcity of resources, job allocation, having different perceptions in relation to goals and values in the organisation, poor leadership styles, stereotyping, lack of organizational skill, corruption among others factors. Organisational conflict impact negatively on the performance of the organistion .For example if conflicts are not resolved, the employee performance is greatly affected because there will be no team work and collaboration leading to poor performance, time wastage and lack of motivation formal level of work. The bank’s image may also be tainted because, if employees are not satisfied with their working condition, they will certainly move out of the bank or file complains which may expose the bank negatively to the public (Barisoff & Victor, 1998).
It is important that leaders in an organisation act swiftly to solve such conflict and should put measures in place to prevent the occurrences of organisational conflicts. Some of the conflicts solving methods that may be employed are consensus method, confrontation and negotiation methods. Due to the ever increasing and complexity of organizational conflicts, this research will be effective in helping organisational leaders to solve this problem and will be used a guideline in solving of organisational conflicts for leaders in the corporate world more so in the banking sector.
Aim of Study
Find out how conflict management approaches affect employee performance within the banking sector.
Research Objectives
Define what conflict management and employee performance in various scopes related to the banking sector
Carry out an analysis of various conflict management approaches used in the two banks
Compare the conflict management approaches of the two banks
Evaluate the effect of employee performance in regard to the mentioned conflict management approaches
Measure the effect of conflict management in the banking sector to the overall performance of the banks
Recommend best practices that can be employed by the banks to improve employee performance and overall business performance
Research Questions
What is conflict management and does it relate to employee performance?
What are the various approaches used by banks in solving conflicts?
Does conflict affect the performance of banks?
Does the approach of conflict management matter when solving problems in the banking sector?
What are some of the factors to be considered when solving conflicts in banks?
If conflicts are left unattended to what can be the effects?
To achieve the listed objectives, a qualitative methodology will be employed. Qualitative research method will be the most effect method to be applied in the research. There are a number of advantages of using qualitative research method; this kind of research can tell the researcher about the feeling of people and what they think about a certain perspective in the study. Through the use of in depth interviews, observation, case study analysis and literature review, it will be possible to analyse the conflict management issues and assist the reader in understanding the basic theories behind conflict management in banks. Qualitative method is cheaper compared to the quantitative research methods, high quality and sufficient information can be collected from a small sample group selected from the targeted population. More over, it offers flexibility in terms of location and timing is involved, for example interview can be carried out over the phone or through the internet (Patton, 2002).

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