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Largely, the Internet has enriched the students’ abilities to gather and share information. The capacity to use the internet is an important component of the higher education. The internet has…
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Annotated Bibliography Assignment (free internet on campus)
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, the teachers utilize the Internet to supplement their lessons. In essence, the Internet has benefited education by opening up a substantial amount of knowledge to a broader range of students.
Anderson, Janna, Boyles, Jan, and Rainie, Lee. “The future impact of the Internet on higher education.” Pew Research Center. Web. 23 Mar 2015 <> Anderson, Boyles, and Rainie examine the impacts that the Internet will present to the higher education in the future. The comprehensive research indicates that advancement in technology will compel the institutions of higher learning to expand online courses and change the credentialing structures. The research, which targets the policymakers in education, articulates the positive impacts of the Internet such as increased collaboration, massive online course, and a shift in the instructional methods.
The article will be helpful in the research, as it will offer the future perspective of the Internet. Specifically, the article’s findings will inform the recommendation section to show the significance of providing free Internet on campus. The source is valid because it comes from a credible research institute and the authors demonstrate huge expertise in their fields. In addition, the article has explored the subject matter from different dimensions as opposed to one perspective.
Andrew, a professor at Deakin University, refutes the popular view that technology can solely enhance the learning experience. The article, which targets the instructors, indicates that a problem in the instrumental view of the Internet exists. The findings of the article emphasize the significance of examining technology from the social, political, and ethical perspectives. The author argues that socio-economic factors have implications on the Internet.
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