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The investigation concentrates on the East Street Bridge specifically on Carroll Creak. The report is written using various se4ctions in order…
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Annotated Bibliography
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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Pedestrian Crossing Study. ATCS, P. L. C. 2008. Web. 08 Jul. This studypresents a report in which an investigation of potential solutions regarding the accommodation of pedestrian traffic is done. The investigation concentrates on the East Street Bridge specifically on Carroll Creak. The report is written using various se4ctions in order to present clear information. The introduction gives an overview of the report with a site observations section presenting a full sight of the site map. Other key sections include background information, literature review, and the design. Advantages and disadvantages of each section are clearly presented. In the report, it was recommended that the modification of the existing crosswalk would be practical due to various factors including low cost. Again, it was considered important to have two paths on each side of the bridge connect in order to enhance access to the crosswalk.
Burke, Christopher B. Randall Road Pedestrian Crossing Feasibility Study. 2009. Web. 08 Jul. 2014.
This article by Christopher B. Burke is based on the Village of Algonquin. According to the author, the village has faced with a critical population growth rate as well as immense expansion within the last two decades. These two factors calls for safety considerations on Randall Road especially given that the road is wide due to its four to six lanes. Four major locations were studied, which include Bunker Hill Drive, Mid block between Bunker Hill and Harnish Drive, Harnish Drive, County Lane Road, and Longmeadow Parkway. The study established three major improvements that included enhancements of at-grade crossing, Overpass Bridge, and underpass tunnel.
Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Report. Jacobs Engineering. 2010. Web. 08 Jul. 2014.
This report by Jacobs Engineering includes the works done by Jacobs Engineering, sub-consultants, and partners. Evaluation of the feasibility in constructing a new pedestrian crossing that connects Charles Circle to Esplanade parkland is done. Various alternatives are initiated. These alternatives were based on the need for constructing the new bridge and the study of the existing bridge. Images are used to give a clear picture of the existing bridge in order to provide way to the new bridge construction. A feasibility study is presented to examine any possibility of constructing the new pedestrian bridge. The new bridge is meant to either supplement the exiting one or to replace it.
Rodriguez, Jarice, Juan C. Medina, Rahim F. Benekohal, Rita Black, and Ming-Heng Wang. Pedestrian Safety on Campus Crosswalks in Big Ten Universities. 2007. Web. 08 Jul. 2014.
This report is about Pedestrian Safety manly on Camus Crosswalks within big ten universities. The report summarizes meeting and site visits reports based on the Big Ten Universities, which are initiated with a view of discussing crosswalk safety issues as well as corrective measures that could be implemented to enhance pedestrian safety. The report indicates that some universities have initiated designation on people having responsibility of planning as well as implementation of safety programs regarding pedestrian, pedestrians, traffic, and bicyclists. The report is well organized and it provides information on the most common crosswalk treatment that is observed. The report shows that each of the ten universities has employed different policies and strategies, but all of them seem to work towards a common goal of enhancing safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic within the universities.
Heathcote Pedestrian Bridge. Roads and Maritime Services. 2012. Web. 08 Jul. 2014.
This article is presented in a brief, but clear way. The article talks about Heathcote Pedestrian Bridge. It starts with background information about the area being analyzed. The area of concern is the intersection of Oliver Street Heathcote and Prince Highway. The intersection area is just adjacent to the Heathcote Station. The key objective of the project is to improve safety for people that cross between the Heathcote train station, schools, shops, and residences as well as assisting in improving the flow on the busy road. The project is considered to enable safer crossing, improve traffic flow, provide a better link between communities, and maintain good trade among local businesses.
Zegeer, Charles V., Laura Sandt and Margaret Scully. How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. 2009. Web. 08 Jul. 2014
This article presents a guide for an effective way of developing an action plan for pedestrian safety. The introduction provides an a summery of the action plan and what the article entails. A background on pedestrian safety problem background is indicated. In this case, pedestrians are said to face crashes resulting to serious deaths and injuries. Various statistical data is presented regarding the number of deaths, accidents, and related incidents at various times. To reduce such collisions involving pedestrians, various measures are initiated. These measures include reducing speed of motor vehicles, reducing pedestrians risks especially at crossing locations, providing crosswalks and sidewalks, improving awareness, as well as improving the behavior of motorists and pedestrians. Read More
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