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On behalf of Dave’s Diner, I would like to express our sincere and heart felt gratitude to our esteemed customers who were victims of food contamination incident on a variety of meals we offered at the diner on 1st March, 2015. We received reports of ill customers with some…
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Chap 10
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On behalf of Dave’s Diner, I would like to express our sincere and heart felt gratitude to our esteemed customers who were victims of food contamination incident on a variety of meals we offered at the diner on 1st March, 2015. We received reports of ill customers with some emergency rooms admitting critically ill customers of all genders and ages. Some of the victims together with their have been on live television to attest the situation. As a restaurant, we keep hygiene and human safety our most valued priority. We will never jeopardize this most treasured business goal (Crandall, William, John and John 153).
The food contamination arose from the mishandling of a critical ingredient, turmeric powder, by the supplier. This ingredient is key in the preparation of numerous stews and soups, which have always been our customer’s favorite delicacy (Crandall, William, John and John 154). The turmeric powder supplied had been initially stored in an environment whose temperatures altered its original composition.
We regret this hitch and apologize to our loyal customers. We will never repeat this mistake again. The restaurant takes full responsibility of its customers. It will help the customers who are in critical conditions to get better.
Michael Adams
Customer Service Manager
Question 2
To: Supervisor
From: Michael Adams
Subject: Plan to reduce amount of paper wastage and save on costs
I write this proposal to you because of an observation I have made concerning the usage of printing paper in the organization and its wastage. Members of the organization waste a lot of printing paper by printing unclaimed jobs that strain the company resources and dirty the working environment (Crandall, William, John and John 163).
I hereby propose we adopt the following strategies to curb this vice
1. Printing jobs should only be initiated at a central place with a print manager or administrator.
2. The printer should have different access rights based on credibility of the user.
3. The office should purchase a paper shredder to get rid of waste surface paper
4. The office environs should adopt the use of bins
5. Neatness in the office should be clarified further in the company rules
I hope that you will consider my proposal as we work to make the company a better place to work in.
Works Cited
Crandall, William Rick, John A. Parnell, and John E. Spillan. Crisis Management: Leading in the New Strategy Landscape. SAGE Publications, Incorporated, 2013. Read More
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