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Hazardous material managment and HAZMAT teams - Case Study Example

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Numerous accidents associated with hazardous materials have been reported across the globe as the world continues to face the threat of accidental or intentional exposure to such materials. The fatalities experienced in some of the past exposures to poisonous chemicals and…
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Hazardous material managment and HAZMAT teams
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Extract of sample "Hazardous material managment and HAZMAT teams"

Download file to see previous pages Proper management of hazardous materials entails minimization of the risks associated with such materials to the entire society while at the same time avoiding shifting of the risks to other sectors. This paper explores the issues of hazardous management and the Hazmat team.
Hazardous materials encompass all materials classified as having the potential to cause harm or affect the wellbeing of people, the environment as well as property (Raven, Hassenzahi & Berge, 2011). Such materials fall into different categories including radiological and nuclear particles, biological and chemical materials. Threats of bioterrorism have seen classification of various microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsial agents among other toxins as potential hazardous biological materials (Public Safety Canada, 2011). Classification of these microbes as hazardous materials lies in their ability to be dispersed in aerosols and the health risks they pose on the people and the environment. Health complications associated with these biological agents pose lethal and disabling threats to humankind.
Radiological and nuclear materials on the other hand pose great health risks on exposure to people, animals and other components of the ecosystem due to their ability to react and damage living cells as well as induction of changes in the genome. Chemical substances with the potential to influence the normal functioning of the human body and the ecosystem also fall under the category of hazardous chemicals or materials. Hazardous material incidences refer emergencies or incidents that pose great risks of infections, contamination and potentials long-term effects on the wellbeing of people and the environment (Raven, Hassenzahi & Berge, 2011). The scope of hazardous materials incidents entails fires, explosions, chemical leakages and spills, and hazardous material transportation accidents among other incidences such as bioterrorism attacks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hazardous Material Managment and HAZMAT Teams Case Study.
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