Effects of eating too much junk food - Essay Example

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In relation to this fact, the essay will mainly expound on the effect of junk food on the health of the consumers. Among the questions, the essay will address include: What is junk food? Why do people…
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Effects of eating too much junk food
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Effects of eating too much Junk Food Among the foods that are loved by most people in the world is junk food. In relation to this fact, the essay will mainly expound on the effect of junk food on the health of the consumers. Among the questions, the essay will address include: What is junk food? Why do people consume junk food? And What are the effects of consuming junk food? According to Jia (94), junk food constitute of French fries, potato chips, or soda. Many people love to consume the foods because they very tasty, cheap in terms of price, and easy to prepare.
Despite people having many reasons for consuming junk foods, it is evident that their negative implications on a consumer’s health are very many. Junk food affects children’s diet. This is evidenced by the fact that children who consume many snacks loose appetite for meals. In relation to this assertion, it is evident that improper diet results in nutritional imbalance for children, which has the potential to retard their growth and development. For instance, Jia (95) claims that imbalance of nutrition affects the development of a child’s brain and body. Also, children who consume lots of junk food such as chips, candy and burgers become overweight. Majority of the heart diseases, unfortunately, are as a result of adding up extra weight. Unfortunately, overweight children tend not to like exercising. Such children not only become clumsy, but also lose confidence in themselves. Additionally, it is evident that obesity may result in shortness of breath as well as enhance the development of asthma in addition to sleep apnea. Consumption of high amounts of fast food also affects the formation of skin and bones. This is evidenced by the fact that food rich in carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels triggering acne. Additionally, the consumptions of foods rich in carbs and sugar make the bacteria residing inside the mouth to produce acid that destroy tooth enamel, one of the contributing factors in dental cavities.
Consumption of junk foods also hampers with the health of adults. According to Jia (94), the food rich in calories results in the accumulation of fat in the body, especially in elderly people. Too much fat in the body can lead to the occurrence of diabetes, especially when the disease is genetic. Since junk food contains large amounts of calories, consuming junk food is one of the causes of serious diseases in adults (Jia 95). For instance, junk food clogs arteries, which means it affects the flow of blood around the body. Unfortunately, this complication can kill a person because of insufficient supply of deoxygenated blood to the needed sites. Consumption of high amounts of carbohydrates and calories (constituents of fast food), causes a spike in blood sugar level that, as a result, affects the normal insulin response. Frequent rise in blood sugar is the key contributor factors for insulin resistance as well as type 2 diabetes. Too much sodium in the body also contributes to high blood pressure. Sorry to say, the combination of high blood pressure with high cholesterol is among the leading causation of heart diseases and stroke.
In conclusion, fast food constitute of foods that are quick to serve and prepare. They are loved because they are sweet and easy to prepare. The effects of fast food in a person range from causing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease to causation of death.
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