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Removal of junk foods from vending machines - Research Paper Example

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Removal of Junk Foods from Vending Machines [Section Number] Removal of Junk Foods from Vending Machines The trend of eating more junk food rather than nutritious food has increased significantly in the recent years…
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Removal of junk foods from vending machines
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Download file to see previous pages This paper aims to discuss concerns related to the junk food being delivered with the aid of vending machines. Many people find these junk food stuff like pizza, burger and french-fries tastier and easier to eat than the regular meal. They are getting more fame, especially with kids from school ages as they easily get fantasized by the appearance and taste of these junk food items and start avoiding the healthy food to get some of the junk food. Most of the schools and colleges have junk food items in their cafeteria and vending machines that allow students to choose between the home-cooked food and junk food. The vending machines are not just restricted to schools and colleges, but now they can be found at shopping malls and cinemas, where people cannot bring any eatables or water along with them and therefore, they are not left with any option but to consume junk food only (JimB, 2011). To me, this is another one of the unhealthy habits that people have adopted, without realizing what price they might have to pay for it. Therefore, my opinion is that this new trend of increased consumption of junk foods rather than nutritional food items, and soft drinks instead of water should be discouraged, as it certainly has an adverse impact on one’s life, both physically and socially. ...
evealed that not only heart diseases but also lack of energy, depression, and lowering of one’s I.Q are some of the adverse effects caused by consuming high amount of junk foods in the daily lives (JimB, 2011). Also, soft drinks that are now mostly part of every day’s meal can effect one’s health badly due to the high proportion of carbonated soda in them that softens the tooth enamel gradually and could result in inner tooth damage over the period of regular consumption (Keefer, 2011). Not only this, but the fast food trend has also eliminated the element of eating together to a great extent. A family having more home-cooked food typically sits together and shares their day’s experience and other things on the dinner table, but as these junk foods have eliminated the need of sitting and eating, the tradition of a combined meal has also started to fade. The government should see this issue as a matter of concern, and should come up with measures to reduce consumption of junk foods. One thing that can be done in this regard is to remove these junk food items from the vending machines. This could result in a profound decrement in the schools and cinemas revenue however, for the sake of people’s health it is not something which is too much to ask for. A practice carried out by the California High Schools to remove junk food items from schools’ canteens, resulted in lowering of the calorie intake of their schools students in comparison to other state students (O'Connor, 2012). This makes it clear that other than just the potato chips, there are several other junk foods too that people consume daily from the vending machines, thus adding a significant amount to their fat and calories levels. Another disadvantage of this is that serving junk foods to school kids ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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