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How will this international experience enhance your academic goals*: - Essay Example

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However, as we go to school, we have big goals that we want to accomplish with the education we acquire. Most of the time, the goals are beyond our imagination. But true enough, as Ben Curson said, we need to "Think…
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How will this international experience enhance your academic goals*:
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Extract of sample "How will this international experience enhance your academic goals*:"

Enhancing Academic Goals through International Experience Enhancing Academic Goals through International Experience Sometimes we do not see things beyond the domestic perspective. However, as we go to school, we have big goals that we want to accomplish with the education we acquire. Most of the time, the goals are beyond our imagination. But true enough, as Ben Curson said, we need to "Think Big" to achieve big dreams. As a student with a major in Advertising and Communication, it will be so much of help to me study in Korea to learn the Communications skills both in this country and in New York. At least, I will be lucky for the opportunity to compare the disparities in Communication and Advertising between the two Countries; U.S and Korea. This will give me the chance to be able to see things differently and articulate whatever the requirement to ensure my academic goals are met.
With the friends and connections I have made in the New York and those in Korea, it will be easy for me to progress faster in my career through sharing different experiences over the internet with the connections I have. Im sure that the foundation Ive received in New York is strong enough to help me build my career in Korea even as I move on to my studies. At least I will be able to see things better since I will be seeing them with a different eye. I will also need to build on the disparities in technological advancement between the two countries to ensure I achieve my academic goals. By this, I mean that those advertising and communication technologies that I havent learnt about in New York and were there in Korea, will help me progress between academically as I also relate to some technologies that I learnt about in New York and were not there in Korea.
In a nutshell, I strongly believe that, by going back to study in Korea, Ill be advancing my chances to achieve my academic goals. At least this will be made easy for sharing with friends, learning from two countries and their disparities in various areas. I will, therefore, advance my career and even make it international through exploiting the connections I will have in the two countries. Read More
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(How Will This International Experience Enhance Your Academic goals*: Essay)
How Will This International Experience Enhance Your Academic goals*: Essay.
“How Will This International Experience Enhance Your Academic goals*: Essay”, n.d.
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