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Why study abroad - Assignment Example

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Studying abroad is a process whereby students are pursuing their opportunities in form of education in a foreign country other than his or her own country. As the entire world growing towards becoming a global worldwide center, the percentages of students who are studying abroad…
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Why study abroad
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Extract of sample "Why study abroad"

Download file to see previous pages It is one of the vital factors in almost every person’s life. This opinion is dependable as the aspect of studying abroad could give the international students an opportunity to live and study the diverse environment, meet new people who come from different socio-economic backgrounds, learn new languages, exchanging of cultures, development of skills and self, and enhancement of an individual’s future.
As many of the youth today have more interest in learning foreign language, their efforts of becoming fluent in their second or third languages is becoming high. This is just the starting point of developing interest in going outside the borders and study abroad. “Traditional Chinese culture places well-educated scholars in the highest social rank. Academic achievement is also an honor to the family. Dedication to scholarship becomes not only a personal goal but also a culture goal for Chinese international students”, according to Twombly, Salisbury, Tumanot, & Klute (2012).
Unarguably, since time immemorial education has been playing a vital role in the lives of so many people. It has soon become the top priority for most parents in the contemporary society to ensure their children get the best education, which is a necessity in the modern society. Coming to the subject of studying abroad for any level of education is now becoming one of the hottest topics today in China notably among students who would wish to study abroad. The argument of studying abroad is always surrounded by preferences of choice among the students for workforce and life. The question being asked is whether studying abroad has any benefit to the students.
I believe that college education is a prime time for individuals to have new experiences and learn more than just academics. I feel it provides an individual time to learn about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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