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Five key things students should do to be successful - Essay Example

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Several students who are new to college fail to understand what it takes an individual to be successful in the college environment. Good students remain focused in their studies to reap a good…
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Five key things students should do to be successful
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Extract of sample "Five key things students should do to be successful"

Key things should do to be successful Introduction Successful always win the admiration of both tutors and other students. Several students who are new to college fail to understand what it takes an individual to be successful in the college environment. Good students remain focused in their studies to reap a good harvest in their final years, as they sense they have the obligation to attend classes, which are the fountain of their knowledge. A successful student is not necessarily the one who is most intelligent in the class but the one who possess a wide variety of good attributes (Walker 45).
Key things
Goal setting- goals act like roadmaps to achieving any target set. They get individuals from one-point o the other. Goals and the target achievements guide them. Setting goals provide a student with a sense of direction to reaching his or her destination as well as a performance appraisal tool. The best way for a student to be successful is to plan but be cautious enough to ensure that the goals have widespread tentacles to all college activities.
Attend classes- successful students do attend classes regularly. They are always on time. Students should listen and train themselves to pay attention to what is being taught by the tutor. Whenever they miss sessions, they should develop obligatory feeling to letting the instructor know the reasons why they will not be attending classes before lesson begins. The excuses given should always be legitimate and reasonable. In addition, should ensure compensation of all missed lessons by contacting fellow students or the instructor. Furthermore, students should pay great attention in such a way that they do not read, talk, or stare out of the windows when the tutor is teaching. Attention is important for students to grasp and gather ideas that would be helpful. The students should ensure participation in class even if their attempt is clumsy. It is through participation that a student can gain courage in answering as well as asking questions.
Taking advantage of credit- Successful students always take advantage of extra credit whenever it is offered. They demonstrate great care of their grades and are willing to work hard to make improvements. Students should be eager to achieving greater results and not relaxing in his comfort zone. He or she should develop the willingness and urge to move extra step to do the extraordinary and gather more information.
Self-motivation- a student is his or her own best motivator. The best motivation is the power that comes from within the individual. Moreover, the student can still get encouragement from other people. A student must have the conviction coming from within that achievements are deep in his boundaries. Through motivation, one can attain what they desire, hence, for a student to be successful that power must come from the inner core of the individual. Success always starts with “I can”.
Hardworking and persistent- setting goals alone will thrust students be successful. Setting goals without acting is like flying in an open see aiming without direction. Therefore, for students to be successful, he or she must put extra effort and work hard. In addition to doing his or her best, the student should also be persistent at the same time because in some cases we may work hard and give up because our best is not always the best. Students should learn to be patient as they exercise their full power of hard work.
Throughout the education life of a student, he or she will be required to make several choices, and view such choices as opportunities presented. Students should therefore not allow being burden with problems, but rather see them as opportunities rather than challenges. For students to be successful, he has to follow things that are going to direct him towards meeting objectives and not derailing them from the set goals.
Works cited
Walker, Paul. “What Do Students Think They (Should) Learn at College? Student Perceptions of Essential Learning Outcomes.” Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 8 (2008): 45–60. Print.
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