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Critical Thinking - At Risk Students - Essay Example

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At Risk Institution At Risk Students At Risk Students are individuals who have not fully exploited opportunities that learning or education present. They are often non-successful students in the academic circles. Indeed, the number of at risk students is growing due to various complications and issues…
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Critical Thinking Essay - At Risk Students
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"Critical Thinking - At Risk Students"

Download file to see previous pages These issues expose students to severe conditions that make them terminate school, knowledge acquisition and furthering their careers. This latest trend is sending mixed signals to the world with scholars asserting that it may lead to low supply of qualified human capital. This condition may also jeopardize innovation and creativity stalling the production of new items that meet the current technological needs of consumers. The scholars also assert that high number of students who are not succeeding academically may expose the society to high crime rates. This is because nations will generate several individuals who are not productive economically due to lack credible sources of income. The trend would also affect peace initiatives and general economic growth in various nations. This calls for immediate development of a viable plan to mitigate issues that hinder students from attaining high academic achievements. These students need to receive proper career guidance and motivation from teachers. They also need to be convinced to go to school and get valuable teachings on the benefits of education in their lives by key stakeholders in the education sector. Consequently, it is necessary to discuss challenges in the education sector while focusing on at risk. ...
This makes them lose greatly since they do not attend to academic issues (Lynn, 1997). In some settings, poverty has made students or young individuals to drop out from school and look for casual employment for their sustainability. This element has seen most students especially in the developing nations abandon schooling activities. Secondly, poor approaches when pursuing academic activities and learning new things makes students shun education. Poor attitude due to lack of information about the significance of education has made most young individuals lose their ability to perform in an exemplary manner. Consequently, lack of favorable learning environment and good schools that can enable students thrive academically is equally a concern. Several learning centers operate under unfavorable ideals and environment that do not please students. This forces them to seek alternative options or drop out to pursue other activities that they deem favorable (Lynn, 1997). Lack of adequate facilities in schools, poor administration systems and education policies also contribute to the drop out of students from schools. Furthermore, teenage pregnancy is also a major factor that affect education of young individuals especially girls. This social issue requires urgent with the intention of safeguarding the education and livelihood of individuals. These issues require proper policy formulation and guidelines to ensure that the number of at risk students is reduced. This calls for immense determination and dedication of key stakeholders in the sector. This will ensure that everyone irrespective of their status acquire education because it is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Thinking Essay - At Risk Students Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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