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Student Suicide - Assignment Example

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The recent re-entry of student suicide in contemporary discussions across the nation comes as no surprise. With such occurrences as mass killings and violence in schools taking center stage in media outlets, scholars and laymen alike have sought to seek out information regarding possible causes and solutions to this general problem - death is schools. …
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Student Suicide
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Extract of sample "Student Suicide"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this paper is to particularly shed light on student suicide in a school setting. School counselors have received significant blame for the upsurge of suicide cases and this paper explains their role in preventing suicides and the dilemmas that they encounter in their line of work as they seek to find amicable solutions in light of all legal and ethical requirements. The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting among other staggering occurrences in schools across the nation serve as clear indicators of the psychological distress that is present across students in different institutions (Taub, 2013). Statistics indicate that more students die from suicide in colleges than from alcohol related accidents (Lamis, 2011). As of 2004 Alaska stood as the highest ranking in student suicide with more recent statistics indicating a steady increase in suicides across various states (Appendix A). More female students contemplate suicide in comparison to their male counterparts with a statistic of 17.4% showing just how serious the matter is (Lamis, 2011). These statistics bring out the importance of enforcing structures within learning institutions that nip the problem in the bud by allowing early intervention by well trained counselors. However, this is not the full solution; in order to ensure effective solving of the matter, it is necessary to assess the various dilemmas that these counselors are faced with in their practice, and how best they can go about their work in ensuring efficacious handling of various cases. Counselors are guided by various rules and regulations that are aimed and ensuring effective service to all. They are required to ensure confidentiality at all times, they must observe rules and regulations maximize benefit and allow only the most unavailable harm to clients (beneficence and non- malfeasance), they must ensure that they in no way neglect the needs of their clients and that their dealings with clients adhere to justice and fidelity guidelines. Expectedly, the task is quite challenging as counselors are forced to balance legal and ethical requirement of their patients with their preferences and prejudices in order to work out a balanced practice that effectively serves the need of the clients while protecting practitioners from legal liability. Other than legal concerns, counselors are also forced to assess institutional policies and community norms in their decision making (Whitaker & Slimak, 1990). The most serious liabilities that counselors are forced to address result from legal action initiated by clients who feel that their rights have been violated in light of the provisions of the counseling process. Of these, the most common involve violations of privacy (Whitaker & Slimak, 1990). In cases where counselors feel that they have justifiable cause to infer that students under their assessment are likely to kill themselves, they are required to report their concerns to the students’ guardians and local authorities. Often, students initiate legal action on the ground of a confidentiality breach. In ensuring non-malfeasance and beneficence, counselors are required to apply their best judgment. This entails assessing the seriousness of a student’s proclamation and intent. If a counselor concludes that a student’s condition is potent enough to result in attempted suicide, he/she is required to take the necessary actions to inform guardians and other authorities’ e.g. Local psychiatric officers (Taub, 2013). In the event that the counselor’s conclusions are not accurate, various privileges and rights are broken. These include provisions for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... 22 February Assignment Suicide is a form of committing one’s own death because of a particular reason; most people commit suicide because they are tired of living, have nothing else left to discover about themselves, or in most cases, due to peer pressure at either home or outside. Suicide has become a very rampant phenomenon since times immemorial; even in history, there have been hundreds of cases of the same. However, today, suicide is punishable by law because even though one may be taking his own life, that is not permitted due to the reason that the body is a creation of the Earth and it cannot be killed without a reason. The reasons for committing suicide over the years have been varying from place to place and situation...
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... 100.0 Also, the issue of peer pressure may cause the population, who are students, to conform to one way of responding. However, strong points in the study are that it contains a cross-section of people of all races and gender so the results of the study would not deviate much in a general population. Discussion Overall, this study reports new findings regarding implicit and explicit measures of suicide risk, both in relation to what they are actually measuring, and which is a superior predictive tool. In regards to the first item, the implicit and explicit measures appear to be measuring the same phenomenon, though with some independent elements. The IAT and risk factor variables were found to measure a very small proportion of the same...
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...? Suicide Suicide There are certain emotional s in which mankind feels helpless and seeks to escape from it permanently. However, the solution varies from person to person. Some people survive the process while others are victimized by the pressure from their surroundings which is mainly due to the lack of awareness and consciousness. Suicide is one such personal act which anyone can perform. It not only affects the person who takes his own life, but also his immediate circle and the community at large. People from the community who are affected by this act include doctors, psychologists, the police, lawyers, teachers, politicians, thinkers and writers as well as the clergymen (Retterstol 1993). Sociologists have been trying to calculate...
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...Running Head: ASSIGNMENT #3: PERSUASION Topic: Lecturer: Presentation: Introduction Suicide is one of the controversial issues in the criminal justice systems of many states. This is because many views are held by different people regarding the right to take one's own life. Suicide involves taking ones life intentionally as a result of contemplation on his or her life, and finding that the most appropriate thing to do is to put life to an end. People, may do it because of depression, embarrassment or humiliation, remorse and extreme anxiety among other reasons. Many suicide attempts usually are not fruitful, and the victims end up in a more embarrassing situation after a failed suicide attempt. In many situations, the sensitivity...
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...Each year there are an estimated 6, 000 completed suicides in the UK (Samaritans, 2006). Each suicide has a dramatic impact on family and friends who are bereaved. The loss of someone of close attachment induces intense grief and mourning, although amongst suicide survivors it appears that a unique emotional response occurs as compared to bereavement for non-violent deaths (Reed & Greenwald, 1991). In general, it has been found that bereavement by suicide tends to be prolonged, and that feelings of shock, self-blame, guilt and social isolation may exist. These facets of suicide bereavement are thought to be due to the thematic content of the grief, the socio-cultural context that the survivor is a part of, as well as the negative impact...
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... face a lot of problems and pressure from school, university, their economic condition, love failures or their general hormonal changes, and even sexual harassments. Reasons for attempts of suicide can be attributed to their level of maturity and ability to handle their own growing emotions towards new relationships. Clash of sociocultural expectations and adolescent behavior can also lead to depression. For instance, young women find it extremely difficult to handle unintended teenage pregnancies and forced marriages in some communities and the responsibilities attached to it. Teen Depression is the most common reason and usually starts from college where the students have to deal with pressure of competition, economic differences...
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...This is an informal essay about suicide. The issue of suicide is something that has been with us for centuries and hence there is a lot of debate anddiscussion as to what causes people to take their own lives. The reasons why people commit suicide can be many ranging from failure in a venture to potential bankruptcy and a general sense of feeling that life is not panning out as expected and hence committing suicide is the only way out. We often tend to think of people who commit suicide as those who have a lot of self-loathing and self-hatred. However, it is a fact that people commit suicide in order to escape greater suffering that they anticipate would be coming their way if they continue living. Statistics show that the population...
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...Suicide [Pick the She is the woman hanging from the 13th floor window. Her Hands are pressed white against the Concrete molding of the tenement building… (Harjo, 1985) This stanza is stanza is taken from the poem, ‘Woman Hanging from the Thirteen Floor Window” and is written by Joy Harjo. I apologize, For disappointing you Ive worked very hard Not good enough (Mirikitani, 2007) This stanza is taken from the poem called Suicide Note’ and is written by Janice Mirikitani is also a poem based on a suicide and its emotions attached. Both the poems are based on suicide and emotions attached to it. In the poem “The Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window”, Joy Harjo presents a woman, Native-American, literally using her finger to hang...
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... Suicide Suicide is unacceptable in virtue ethics realm. My views on suicide are summarized by answering the question“Or, are life in God’s hands?” (Ethics Theory III: Human Excellence). It is my belief that man can control various aspects of life including major decisions concerning career and development. However, death and life should remain the prerogative of the creator. The persons supporting suicide highlight the need to address depression that affects the victim’s normal life. The condition makes it difficult for him to live a complete and happy life. However, there are many scientifically acceptable means of addressing emotional tribulations without ending life. For example, counseling, strong familial relations, engaging...
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...Suicide Suicide Jennifer S Fariss Liberty Suicide Introduction It is hardly imaginable the type of suffering that precedes the act of suicide. The prevalence of suicide cases has been on the rise in the United States as the public, the government and parents continue their reluctance to acknowledge that the prevalence of suicide is a disturbing phenomenon. For instance, there was no policy on public health related to suicides until recently. Suicide is deemed a global health issue due to the complex nature of this health problem and the multiple factors related to its cause (WHO, 2006a). Although personality problems can lead to suicide, the psychological disorder is a key motivating factor. Suicide relates to the act of someone ending...
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Legal Regulations of Exceptional Student Education in the United States

The PL 94-142 Education for all Handicapped Children Act (1975) or EHA is a piece of federal legislation that requires every State of the Union, with the exception of those states that do not provide free public education to children between 3 to 21 years of age; to provide free and appropriate public education for all the children in the age group of 3 to 21 years. Moreover, such education should be provided irrespective of physical disability or its gravity. This law is the first of its kind that ensures Free and Appropriates Public Education or FAPE for all the physically handicapped children in the US (Law and Exceptional Students).
The Individual Education Plan or IEP is an individualized education program for a disabled...
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Assisted Suicide

...Contents Introduction 3 2.Methodology 11 3.Body/ discussion 13 4.Conclusion 59 Abstract Assisted suicide has been the subject of controversy for a long time. Opinion has been divided over this issue. Except for religious views, almost all social, political, legal, ethical and medical opinions have widely varied over this topic of assisted suicide. This issue is controversial and it is a bone of contention between the proponents of individual Rights Theory group and the pro-life groups. Individual Rights’ groups believe that a person has the right to end his life whenever he wishes to. They are of the opinion that unless life has a certain quality or standard attached to it, it is not worth living. So for some reason if this quality...
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Essential Nursing Care: Student Care Plan

...NSG1ENC – ESSENTIAL NURSING CARE Care Plan Patient John Ryan Patient UR: _____ Ward: Bed No Constipation Assessment Data: Subjective: Last defecated 4 days ago. Expresses pain in the abdominal and anal area when seated on the toilet. Normally defecates every two days. Objective: Observed grimacing during attempts at defecation; stool brown, dry and small; Inspection of abdomen – slightly distended. Auscultation - bowel sounds heard in all quadrants. Palpation – tenderness and pain in lower (L) quadrant and firm mass felt in descending colon. Problem/Nursing Diagnosis: Constipation in relation to insufficient physical activity secondary to neurological impairment Planning: Goals : John will not be constipated Short term goal... –...
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The Positives and the Negative Aspects of Physician Assisted Suicide

... PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED SUICIDE The very public death of Terri Schiavo in the 2005 alerted Americans tothe growing medical, ethical, and social crises accompanying the status of end of life issues and decisions in the USA. Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) is legalized in only two USA states, yet there have been numerous requests across the country to perform the operation. As indicated in the 2012 PBS Frontline documentary; there is an underground world that has added new legal and moral complexity to one of the most divisive issues in the United States of America. The practice of Physician-assisted suicide has been legal in Washington and Oregon states since 1997-09. In Montana State, the Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that physician-assisted...
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Physician Assisted Suicide

... PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED SUICIDE The society we live in determines and dictates our social characters and believes. The social and societal forces potentially affect our course of action and daily activities. Our personality and personal choice and highly influence by the social forces within our living areas. This covers from our socio-economic to political actions that are dictated by the surrounding we reside in. the society has a power to influence individual decisions. For instance, in choosing our marriage partners, we tend to believe that the power of ‘love’ is the sole foundation. However, research has established that it takes more than the mere emotional attachment. The choice of our marriage partners is influenced by social forces...
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Suicide of Megan Meier

... with another man without her permission was prosecuted. In any other case, that college student would not have been prosecuted, but she committed a felony through recording her roommate without her permission and then posting that video online. Therefore, the actions and consequences of the felony, including the suicide of that student, were on the hands of her roommate (Tokunaga, p. 277). Similarly, in this case, Lori Drew committed a felony through disguising herself as “Josh” on MySpace. Therefore, all of the actions and consequences, which include the suicide of Megan, Lori Drew should remain accountable for all of them. She remains solely responsible for ending a life, which was full of promise and potential. It is important here...
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Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy

... Ethics Cash Reward Strategy March 7, INTRODUCTION Schools strive to ethically encourage to increase their school performances (Jackson 2). To increase school performances, some schools started offering cash rewards. When the strategy successfully led to the students’ higher academic grades, the cash rewards program was integrated in the other schools’ teaching strategies. Offering scholarships is one way to retain intelligent students. Offering cash reward for students who perform academically well in school is another strategy. The cash rewards will encourage the students to improve their currently lackluster class performances. Offering cash rewards to excelling students is ethically correct. BACKGROUND An ethical issue pertains...
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Statistics of Offenders to Commit Suicide

A more serious suicide problem in correctional facilities, which has come to the fore in recent times, is the gender disparity in the cases of prisoner self-harm and attempted suicide. It is rather intriguing that while they comprise only about 5% of the prison population, female prisoners are observed to attempt more self-harm and attempt suicide compared to males. Notably, between 20% and 24% of female prisoners self-harm while between 5% and 6% of male inmates self-harm every year. The study also found out that cases of self-harm were 30 times higher in female prisoners compared with the general UK population rates, which were reported to be at 0.6%. Hence, this study seeks to establish whether or not, female prisoners attempt...
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Conduct Becoming of a Lansing Student

It serves as their main source of guidance during confusing times and a reference for any questions that they may have regarding conducting themselves as a student both during and after class hours.
The reason behind the codebook is simple. The university or college has to pick up where the parents left off in the discipline and safety concerns of the child. The parents entrusted their prized possession, their children to the school so the school is now tasked to ensure the safety and continued development of the child both as an individual and a student.
It is because of these aforementioned reasons that the students' best interest would be served by his adherence to the codebook. Once he becomes familiar with its conte...
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Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student

... Bachelor degrees is not the best choice for high school graduate Introduction Most parents and students today still abide to the traditional career route of admission to elementary school, followed by high school, and finally college or university (Watson n.p). The form of learning involved in this educational system is a straight line and because of its efficiency in the past, few or no parents or high school graduates question it. In the end, most high school graduates end up struggling for spaces in universities and colleges while some go for vocational education. However, the new generation of high school graduates is welcome in a world where college tuitions are high and high rates of college graduates’ unemployment and under...
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