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Gun Violence and Gun Control - Research Paper Example

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The author focuses on gun violence and gun control and states that the situation of gun violence on campuses can get worse if students are allowed to carry a gun on campus. This is because possession of guns can result in students causing harm to themselves as well as others around them…
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Extract of sample "Gun Violence and Gun Control"

Download file to see previous pages Proponents of allowing the students to carry guns say that if students are allowed to carry guns on campuses, they can protect themselves from potentially armed juveniles who could shoot at them out of revenge or due to a mentally unstable condition. However, arming students could cause or enhance drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, gun theft, and accidental shootings. Certain restrictions and policies should be adopted by institutions and the government because permitting students to carry guns on campuses would cause more harm to them, even if it could possibly protect them from student shooters (Siebel 2008; Lipka 2008).

Arming college and university students can be a bad idea for many reasons. The most important reason is the prevalence of drugs and alcohol abuse amongst armed students. According to a study, almost half of the United States’ full-time college students drink alcohol or take drugs at least once a month. This rate is much higher for college gun possessors. It is known that two-thirds of the students who own guns also engage in excessive drinking. Moreover, drug and alcohol use by college gun owners increases the risk of them causing injuries to both them and others around them. An extensive number of youngsters between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four are assaulted each year by students who have been taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Therefore it is obvious that if these assaulters would be carrying guns (‘as allowed by their college or university’), those assaults could be much more lethal (Siebel 2008; Miller et al 2002; Blumstein and Cork 1996).

Another reason to not allow students to possess guns is the issue related to their mental health and risk of suicides. It has been found that youths between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five are at a high risk of developing mental health problems. This might be because of interpersonal conflicts, bullying, and many other issues that can cause mental problems such as depression. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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