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Optimal Educational Environment - Assignment Example

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The objective of this policy is to provide guidelines to teachers of ABC School for creating an optimal learning environment. The policy addresses issues faced in classroom settings i.e. harassment, bullying, hate crimes, exclusion of students from the classroom, rights, and duties of students…
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Optimal Educational Environment
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Download file to see previous pages Under these constitutional rights, any student facing expulsion or removal from school would be entitled to a written notice. Where a student is facing long-term suspension, they would have right of hearing in which student may present their defense based on evidences. Although ABC School does not follow corporal punishment however any observation of such punishment violates Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. For general search purposes, The Fourth Amendment right shall be followed by the administration on reporting of teacher. b) Optimal Learning Environment in Classroom 1. Guidelines for Teachers & Students The primary responsibility of acting as a role model for students in terms of civilized and disciplined conduct rests on teachers. Therefore, teachers of ABC School are expected to refrain from any action that can be categorized as malicious and uncivilized. These actions can further be divided under the categories of harassment including physical and mental abuse, intimidation, bullying, expression of hatred and sexual misconduct. Upon discovery of such actions by teachers, the matter will be dealt in accordance with policies of Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI, 2013). It is important to note that there are some researches that have criticized the regime of zero tolerance towards offenses committed by students (American Psychological Association, 2008). Therefore, punishments designed in this policy are provided to support positive enforcement and prevention from actions that can be considered as disciplinary breach. 2. Types of Violence ABC School’s administration strictly refrains from corporal punishment or any kind of physical abuse. In addition to that, any verbal instructions and reprimand is performed in isolation and not in front of other students. The purpose of doing so is to refrain from causing students to lose interest in attending school and causing damage to their self-esteem. Usual offenses may be divided into physical, sexual and emotional ones. Where physical violence can be dealt directly by teacher, any sexual violence will be addressed by the Office of Principal only. Where corporal punishment is not used in ABC School, in order to address issues of violence and breach of code of conduct by students, teachers may use demerits policy as a punishment. The actions that can be categorized as offensive are: a) Failure to follow teacher’s clear instructions’ b) Failure to follow guidelines provided in school orientation i.e. food and drinks in classroom, attire that can be labeled as sexually and racially offensive, actions that can cause damage to school property and endangers other students’ wellbeing including theft, c) Falsification of statement or cheating in exams d) Insubordination 3. Addressing Disciplinary Violations Depending on the severity of act, different demerits can be assigned by teachers including suspension of varying durations, loss of driving privileges, notifications/ warning letters issued and required to be signed by parents, community service or extra classes. In order to ensure that students are guided to operate in a disciplinary manner, a holistic approach will be followed which also includes involvement of parents (Osher, Bear, Sprague & Doyle, 2010).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Optimal Educational Environment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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