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Physical Education Effects - Thesis Example

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The following thesis "Physical Education Effects" investigates the influence of Physical Training at school. According to Active Living Research, “In schools across the United States, physical education has been substantially reduced and in some cases completely eliminated”…
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Physical Education Effects
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Extract of sample "Physical Education Effects"

Download file to see previous pages Before discussing the problem, it is important for us to understand the significance of Physical Education. “Hundreds of studies have evaluated health education and concluded that it is effective in reducing the number of teenage pregnancies, decreasing smoking rates among young people, and preventing the adoption of many high-risk behaviors.” (Summerfield) Most health organizations, around the world, lay stress upon the importance of physical activity. It is recommended that the child must take part in physical activity for about sixty minutes daily to improve his or her health and to eliminate the risk of diseases such as heart problems and obesity and even some most fatal ones such as Cancer. Physical activity has wide-ranging effects on human health. “Poor diet and physical inactivity might soon overtake tobacco as the leading cause of death.” Today, urban community is facing a lot more problems of health than that living some decades ago. This is because of the reduction in physical activity due to the increasing pressure of work in the fast world. Time shortage due to increased workload and financial pressure has led to a substantial decrease in physical activity. That is why; we are facing more and more health problems every day.
Probably, physical education has much more important effects on human health than on academic performance, yet the relationship between physical education and academic performance is necessary to be defined in order to support physical education in schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... to pursue their strength training or their love for a sport and will continue to work on their strength for that reason. Out of the most disciplines of physical education, biology appeals to be the most. Biology appeals to me the most since it is about body chemistry and how to stay healthy at all levels which is beneficial for all. Biology gives me a better understanding of the human body chemistry. A person interested in this discipline can be biologist, biology teacher, or a lab assistant. Further education and experience may be needed. Works Cited "Councillor Lawn's Proposal for a Recreation Center in Watertown." Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 July 2011.
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However, this teaching and learning approach minimizes teachers overall participation in the students learning process. Marching students and teachers experience together ensures a successful learning outcome (Vickerman 2006). Therefore, the minimization of teacher’s participation is a negative impact that this teaching and learning approach can bring to the implementation of national curriculum for PE. It is believed that it can hinder skills development in physical activities and thus hinder achievement of successful learning outcomes. That is why it is always advisable to use this teaching and learning approach in combination with other approaches. The other most widely used learning style is the command style. In this learning...
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Time allocation is an issue that is generally complicated by localized control of curricula and practices of offering subject options or electives, which provide less opportunities and interest for additional engagement in physical education and/or school sport activity (Hardman, 2009). There are various survey findings which reveal variations in expected time allocated to physical education. Curriculum time allocated to other subjects deteriorates the situation where recent educational reforms have resulted in physical education teaching time reductions as observed in Taiwan (Hardman, 2009). • Taiwan-Integrating PE with health education has led to the reduction in the teaching time of physical activities and the time allocated to...
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...Physical Education Observation Evident from my observation in the middle school, the physical education teacher was a female head coach with the basketball team. This was a good example of gender equality because in most schools the position of a head coach is only preserve for males because they feel that they perform better in sports. This is wrong because from what I observed in the middle school, the female coach was doing exemplary good job, hence the team had great potential to perform better. I noticed some biasness from the coach towards the team, for instance, she would make boys’ team go through heavy basketball drills than girls would. Girls would just do the best they could without much pressure. This sounds more like gender...
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...CHAPTER 2 Review of the Literature Two major issues in education have led to a focus on physical activity and its effects on academic performance. One is the attention that has been placed on the problem of obesity in school-aged children. The other is the need to improve school performance generally in the nation. The connection between these two issues, or more significantly the potential benefit of physical activity in addressing both these issues makes this study a useful one. Increasing data on the relationship between physical activity and academic performance can help educators and curriculum specialist appreciate the need for physical education to be part of the school curriculum. As Sallis, McKenzie, Kolody, Lewis, Marshall...
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... responsive not only in school but in other social situations as well. Physical education must encompass more than physical skills; it must include an ability to read the environment and to respond effectively (Whitehead, 2001). With growth of children into adolescence, it helps to develop an optimistic self-concept, and assists in combating social and emotional challenges. Creating an environment which promotes learning is an integral role of teaching. Teachers need to use different approaches and strategies to motivate children, to foster self evaluation and develop competence. Students in the age group of 11-14 are entering from childhood to adolescence and what they learn at this stage is probably going to influence how they behave...
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