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Health and Physical Education - Assignment Example

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Running Head: PHYSICAL EDUCATION Health and Physical Education Name Class Date Health and Physical Education Smart Moves lesson _1_ Kangaroo Date:_ Class/Year level_ Years 1 to 3…
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Health and Physical Education
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"Health and Physical Education"

Download file to see previous pages (please circle) Individual Pairs Groups of ____6_______ Teams of____________ What do we do – what are the rules? How is the activity conducted? All groups divide into two groups of three, each going on the far side of one of the lines. Lining up, they take turns hopping like a kangaroo from one side of the play field across the line on the other side, releasing the next student to hop across to the other side. How do we include everyone? All children with the ability to hop would be able to participate, but should the class include a member who does not have the capacity to hop, the following modification can be made to the game: instead of hopping the game could be modified so that a ball is bounced as the child travels the distance or that they merely have to travel the distance, which at this point might be widened, passing an item from one person to the next in relay fashion. In this last form, any student that can move can participate, even, as an example, if they are in a wheelchair. How do we make it safe? Include the link to the most appropriate Curriculum Activity Risk Management Guidelines Go to this link and scroll down to sport. Select the category or activity that best represents your activities. You might need more than one category. While trampolining is a high risk and Kangaroo is a low risk, the same sort of use of the muscles exists, so some of the same risk factors will be included. Teaching the proper way to jump and how to hop from one point to the next would mitigate most of the risk in the game. Activity two:_____Bat and Ball Games____________________________________________ Organisation: How do we set up the activity? Set up a field similar to baseball with four bases at the corners of a diamond shape, but modified to be shorter distances for the age group that has been selected. Provide two fields of play so that two teams of 6 each can be played at the same time. Two plastic bats and two plastic balls will be needed. How are students organised? (please circle) Individual Pairs Groups ________ Teams of___6_________ What do we do – what are the rules? How is the activity conducted? The modified rules of baseball are introduced with the introduction to running the bases after hitting the ball being at the core of the instruction. Children hit a tossed ball (instructors should pitch the ball) so that the opposing team runs to get the ball and then towards the bases. First one to get to the base is successful and the game continues. In other words, if the child who gets the ball beats the batter to the base, the batter is ‘out’. If the batter gets to the base first, they can continue forward from base to base as other hitters hit, each time over home plate counting as a score. The outfield does not exist in this modified version of the game. How do we include everyone? Explain how you might modify this activity to ensure all students can participate. You are to imagine that your class has a child with cerebral palsy and think about the modifications that will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health and Physical Education work plan
...?Rationale Multi-dimensional and dynamic nature of health is reflected by Health and Physical Education in Australia. Furthermore, it recognizes physical activities significance in individual lives and groups in Australia. The topic of study is ‘What is good for you?’ This unit is essential and important to students because it allows them to discover importance or contribution of Health and Physical Education on their general health. It also emphasizes on exercising as an important tool for promoting healthy body and mind. A physical education teacher or...
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...? As society progressed to 21st century, one of the major emphasis has been placed on creating a society where the aspects of health and wellness arehighly emphasized upon. Since allocating tax money is a sensitive issue that is critical; one must look at all aspects of funding from the community. As a mayor, I would allocate around 15% of the overall tax money to build fitness facilities. For community users, the patrons will be charged at a discount price. Furthermore, sustaining a physical activity can be a huge challenge. The need for a recreation center is essential for various reasons. First and foremost is the fact that it safeguards children from engaging in other illegal activities. When children...
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Physical Education 20. Physical benefits gained from physical activity include: disease prevention, safety and injury avoidance, decreased morbidity and premature mortality, and increased mental health. In the Cognitive aspect, greater depth and relevance can be achieved when the subject matter constructs are related to each domain of learning. Research has demonstrated that children engaged in daily physical education show superior motor fitness, academic performance, and attitude towards school versus their counterparts who did not participate in daily physical education. In the Affective learning, physical...
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NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
...? I. The Rationale for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 “Sport is a common and popular leisure pursuit among children and plays an important role in how they develop their future leisure behaviors and understandings” (Schamlz and Kerstetter, 2006 pg. 536). To promote this healthy physical disposition among children, experts posited that “children should engage in more vigorous activity of at least 20 minutes at least 3 times per week”(Anon., (2006). Being such, the PDHPE K-6 adopted the study and incorporated it in its syllabus. This program promotes the general well-being of the child as they will tend to live a balanced lifestyle, healthy sense of...
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...?Physical Education Teaching and learning physical education requires a tactical approach. Here we evaluate teaching and learning approaches used within physical education and their ability to facilitate national curriculum. According to Grout & Long (2009), the most common approaches to teaching are reciprocal, command, self-check, inclusion, guided discovery, and divergent discovery. Others are the convergent discovery, individual program, learner initiated, and self-teaching. The three main learning styles of students are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (Williams & Cliffe 2011). In evaluating these teaching and learning styles, their...
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...and balanced. This leads to a holistic development which has various orientations including individual, cultural and social orientations. Some teachers perceive the importance of physical education to be for physical fitness and health, while others associate it with psychosocial and motor skills development. Such diverse perceptions have granted a role in achieving broader educational objectives and varied learning experiences in the subject. Pervasive factors contributing to varied notions on physical education in schools are depicted in the development of curriculum, the time allocation and priority assigned to other...
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Is health and physical education beneficial enough to students to keep in our school systems
...Jacksonville Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation The Importance of Health Promotion And Physical Education In Schools An Assignment Submitted for HPE 508 Research in Health and Physical Education Professor: Dr. Glaucio Scremin By Chantry Gulledge Table of Contents Finally, the problem of time constraint allotted for health and physical education courses are addressed by incorporating certain topics in closely relevant subjects like science, social studies, language or arts, as the case may be. 17 Classes. Journal of Law and Education. Retrieved on April 3, 2009 from 20 Shilstone, M. (2004). The Importance Of Physical Education. Health and Wellness. 21 Retrieved on April 3, 2009 from health...
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..., diabetes, obesity etc. The occupational and leisure time moderately intense physical activity reduces the risk of total stroke. The risk of ischaemic stroke is reduced by high level occupational physical activity compared to both moderate and inactive occupational level. High level leisure time physical activity reduced the risk against total stroke, haemorrhagic stroke and ischaemic stroke. Answer 4: The benefit of physical activity can be related to many health related risks. The relation between hyper tension and physical activity is more the time spent on the physical activity; less is the risk of developing...
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...Dodgeball Dodgeball is a game whereas players of one team attempt to hit those belonging to the other team with balls and at the same time, they have to escape being hit by the other team. The movie DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story has helped create awareness about this lovely game by featuring it as the sport is relatively unusual compared to other sports. The movie is about a group of misfits that get into the Las Vegas dodgeball tournament in an attempt to protect their local gym. Dodgeball was played, over two centuries ago in Africa originally (“History of Dodgeball”). At that time, it was not the jocular fun game which it has become today; instead, dodgeball was a deadly game in its origin. The tribes playing dodgeball... Dodgeball is ...
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Teaching Health and Physical Education in Australian School
...among the children. In so doing, the children will reap the best out of HPE including good health and academic performances. Reaction to article #2 Physical education is imperative among the young school-going children due to its significant contributions regarding their development. For instance, physical education prevents lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity. Further, it has numerous psychological and social benefits where it modifies depression and anxiety. Moreover, it contributes to advanced mental and intellectual capacities. For example, there is a significant relationship between academic achievement and the...
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