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Sumarize this (Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: Piecing the Puzzle Together) - Book Report/Review Example

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Caring and Effective Education Name Professor Institution Course Date Chapter one Inclusive education is a philosophy that ensures equal academic and social achievement to an entire populace of students. The students have maximum benefit from the curriculum regardless of their background…
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Sumarize this book (Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: Piecing the Puzzle Together)
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Download file to see previous pages Students would graduate from high school without any consideration of their short-comings. The beginning of 1950 marked the inception of special programs towards the disadvantaged students. However, this brought a trend of segregation against the disabled students. Isolating the disabled children brought deprivation to their academic performance. Therefore, since 1970 the disabled students were allowed access to the public schools. Through the Civil Rights Movement principles, every student was given equal attention according to their style of study. Evidently, inclusive education has a dynamic history. It is highly recommendable as it ensures uniform access to education amongst students. The system also maximizes every student’s capacity in education. Chapter two Human rights and dignity are key concepts that are paramount to ideal development of education. In a school context, there are diverse inequalities that exist amongst the students. Disability is a major factor that initiates a sense of inequality amongst students in schools within USA. The disabled might suffer the scorn of the regular students. Consequently, this deprives their academic performance due to the inequality and segregation. Inclusion is paramount towards sustaining dignity and human rights amongst the students in schools (Thousand, 2000). ...
This will consequently give equal attention and platform to both disabled and regular students. Both students would access the same quality of education. The attitude change ought to be effective in policy or program makers, as well as the general society. Chapter 3 Self-worth is a key requirement towards a successful life in every child. This virtue majorly propagates students to achieve even their academic endeavors. Every child and adolescent ought to undergo a socialization process that involves inculcation of self-esteem throughout their development. This is a desirable culture that ought to be embraced in the process or reclaiming the youth (Thousand, 2000). A deprived self-worth has extremely negative consequences. These undesirable outcomes may surface psychological, social, as well as learning glitches. Acceptance and affection elevates the significance of a child towards the society. Despite of disabilities, every child requires acceptance and affection of their immediate society for the self-worth to develop. The school’s society should also inculcate competence within the child. This culture has a positive effect on self-worth as it indoctrinates the child with utmost mastery of concepts. The school environment should as well induce power within the child. Consequently, the child would possess authority and control over behavior. This is a key requirement that enhances the student’s self-worth. Ultimately, the school environment ought to induce virtues within the child. This develops them into moral individuals whom realize the worth in life. Therefore, the school ought to focus on its relationship with the students. This relationship ought to inculcate self-worth that is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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