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More so, disabled students are like the others only that they require exceptional attendance. They are talented and have the ability to do…
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Special Ed
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Collaborating with families of disabled The key points learnt from this article include; disability does not mean that a student‘s right to education should be denied. More so, disabled students are like the others only that they require exceptional attendance. They are talented and have the ability to do extraordinary things if given an opportunity. Families should not restrict such children from a normal life, but should motivate and support them to accomplish their goals. This helps in both the growth and development of the child. Schools create a favorable environment, as they associate with others and learn from them. Therefore, it is the family’s responsibility to send disabled children to school. The article points out that, both teachers and families should have a cordial relationship to enhance the success of the child (Arlene 29). The article highlights five successful strategies applied when dealing with students with disabilities.
It focuses on the issues that an individual needs to recognize about children with special needs while working with their families. One is that teachers should recognize the student’s strengths; what they do easily despite being disabled. Families should be engaged in the student’s learning process as they offer to the teacher information related to their child. They assist the teacher in recognizing the students’ needs and learn how to handle the child at home. As they work with the families, the teacher recognizes the dislikes and accomplishment of the student. The family also gives vital information on the cultural background and health-related issues of the student. In the process, respect between the families and the teacher is established (Arlene 30).
There are several ideas mentioned in this article that I will adapt for my Jewish synagogue program. One is the close relationship between the families and teachers; it is a strategy that is effective for the Jewish Synagogue program. The knowledge of handling students with disabilities is also a vital idea for the program. Another important idea is that of directly involving families in the learning process. Encouraging them to come to school regularly and follow up their child’s performance in the Synagogue Program. In addition, the idea of researching on particular disabilities of children in my class is applicable for the Jewish program (Arlene 34).
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