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In the book Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Setting, authors of this book had made their points clear about Inclusive education, all the field’s related to Inclusive Education, different ways and methods of teaching all kinds of students which make this book different from other books. …
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Exceptional In the book Teaching with Special Needs in Inclusive Setting, of this book had made their pointsclear about Inclusive education, all the field’s related to Inclusive Education, different ways
and methods of teaching all kinds of students which make this book different from other books.
In this book the authors have mentioned and discussed many important thing regarding creating
and maintaining Inclusive classrooms, this also includes how families can deal with disable children’s and make
they feel comfortable in the surroundings, identifying a student’s needs, the ways of special education process,
teaching students who are gifted and ways & methods of teaching students with Emotional Disorder,
Communication Disorder, Sensory Impairments, Learning Disabilities, Mental Retardation, Autism, Traumatic
Brain injury, Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit and other low-Incidence disabilities. Most
important of all that this book also includes some very important topic that are Teaching students who are gifted
which is our topic, teaching those who are at Risk, with special needs in Elementary Schools and in Secondary
School. These are the important Issues, Methods and other useful techniques mentioned in this book which
make this book very different and special one. In this assignment we shall discuss about two important chapters
in this book i.e. Effective Inclusion Practices and Professional Collaboration which deal with the concept of
and teaching students who are gifted, who have extra talent and ways to teach them. We will start our
assignment with what is inclusive, importance of inclusive education, effective inclusion practices, about
Exceptional and importance of exceptional education.
Inclusive means including everything mentioned with in a limit or without respect to a limit,
accordingly it means teaching everyone in same classroom whether a student is a disable, normal or an elder
person. Inclusive can be defined as the stated limit or extremes in consideration or account or including a great
deal of thing concerned, accordingly to the book inclusive means including all the students of different age
group, with and with out respect to disabilities in one classroom.
Inclusive education means all students of same grade in a school, regardless of whether a student is
a disable, normal, elder student or irrespective of the students weakness in any area, becoming part of the
school community. According to the acts of some important communities such as UNESCO and IDEA, which
makes it point clear about educating children’s with disabilities in general classrooms in every school.

Effective inclusion practices deals with understanding the problems with inclusive education, taking
help of teachers, students, parents and different communities who support this and solving problems regarding
Inclusive Education. This topic also includes the concept of diversity which means all the students studying in
one classroom should have a good understanding among them selves and good students should help the other
Students in achieving their goals and it is the job of a teacher to create such kind of environment in the
Classroom. Usually students do not cooperate among themselves due to racial, disabilities, socioeconomics and
gender; these differences play a very vital role in getting down inclusive education. This can be stopped if every
one cooperates from teachers to the complete school staff and from students to parents. This chapter also
includes how to solve the problems regarding the inclusive classrooms that how we can maintain the inclusive
classrooms, manage them, make them more and more comfortable for everyone, personnel supports to the
classrooms and more over how these methods can be applied to the classrooms.

Exceptional means a thing which is very unusual or outstandingly good. Exceptional can be defined
as anything (People, Animals, Plants and other thing) which is far beyond what is usual in magnitude and
Degree or surpassing what is common or expected. Usually exceptional is used for children’s, who are special,
Talented and who need special education. Now-a-day students that are gifted are not being identified; they are
being underserved due to several reasons as they are not enough communities to appreciate such students as
they are for the disables. Teachers in some institutes are not aware of the characteristic that suggests giftedness.
Students who are talented must be considered first they should be provided with special facilities
that is not given to other general students, for doing this first of all the talented students must be separated from
the other students which will make them fell different, by providing them with special needs, separate
Classrooms, a separate section, providing them with much more talented teachers who can test their skills and

who can understand them and help them. This technique is called as Differentiated programming which
provides learning opportunities to the student accordingly to his/her abilities. This also includes testing the
students with a different question paper, other than a general one and increasing the passing percentage also,
this will help us in knowing completely how much eligible is the student. This technique is been used in many
Schools since many years but as the time have changed it is necessary to change the technique also. We can
provide the students with advanced education i.e. providing them with different technologies which will help
them in learning and exploring more and more. These students needs special care but the teacher or the one who
is teaching them must not forget that they are also children’s who are from a common environment and they
should feel comfortable after they are considered as special. Some students feel very proud and they avoid
student’s who are below them but they should not forget that they were also one of them some time ago.
Exceptional students need special education as they are special, talented and different from others
and we should not forget that they are going to play a very important role in our future. They will make the
future brighter and if we provide them with special education, with special needs and appreciating them for their
talent it will be very much helpful not only to them but also to the complete society. It is the right of a gifted
child that he/she should be taught rather than to be used as a teacher.
Conclusion: In my view this book bring out many good and social topics in which every one should take
Interest because our society is not completely perfect as we think it is. We should give an approximately equal
consideration to the disables as they are a part of our society and we should them out. We should all corporate
with each other to make this education successful. Gifted children’s must be provided with exceptional
education as they are a very important part of our future and they should be helped out by giving them they
need rather than using their talent in one or the other way, misusing their talent. In this book the authors have
clearly mentioned about the rights of a gifted student that cannot be neglected. The authors also mentioned
about the ways to teach the gifted students which will not only be good for them but for us also. Read More
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