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Pop Cultures Significance In Modern Society - Essay Example

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Popular culture can be defined as the aspects of social life that the public is mostly involved in. The writer of the paper "Pop Culture’s Significance In Modern Society" discusses the value of culture produced for the masses and in particular for commercial gain…
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Pop Cultures Significance In Modern Society
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Extract of sample "Pop Cultures Significance In Modern Society"

Pop Culture’s Significance In Modern Society
Popular culture can be defined as the aspects of social life that the public are mostly involved in. It is determined by interactions between people in their daily activities such as the style of dressing, using slang, rituals and the foods. Mass media also plays a huge role in informing pop culture among people. It exudes a great influence over and as such impacts many things from food packaging to fashion (Kamalipour, 12)
Whether pop culture is significant or not has been a source of many debates in the academic field. Scholars often question the value of culture produced for the masses and in particular for commercial gain. However, other scholars posit that pop culture is significant in the lives of human beings as it is a reflection of what matters to people, letting them express and validate the spirit of their epoch. Popular culture enhances young people’s understanding helping them participate in the representations that aid in constructing their identities.
The Burger King icon
This is a popular food chain in America that has a distinct icon that represents all the foods available in all their joints across America. American pop culture icons such as that one of burger king have been well received across different nations around the world even in the pre-dominantly Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia (Kamalipour, 21). Burger king produces different kinds of foods with meat as Americans prefer it, it is a first food joint and food is produced quickly and mostly to go. This can be interpreted to mean that Americans prefer food that is quickly prepared to save time. One can assert that it is due to their hard working nature and effort to save time. These joints are quite popular in America and the icon can be seen on many other products such as t-shirts, caps or bags.
This icon is quite popular such that it has been adopted in Islamic countries but with a slight twist to the name and a bit of change in the appearance. This shows that even in conservative Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, people are in tandem with the rest of the world due to globalisation brought about by technology (Kamalipour, 25). The Icon therefore has led to popularity of such food a joint which has been cited as a lucrative business venture. It is slightly different however since unlike in America, all the meat is Halal and is handled and prepared as per the Islamic dietary rules. This shows the value of Islamic culture. In addition, most of the women working behind the counter wear headscarves or hijabs. This also represents the Islamic culture.
In the advent of symbolic order, what was seen to represent the youth in classes which include testable and discreet forms of pre-packaged information is gradually becoming insignificant to them. The young people see what is offered in classrooms as something to be memorized and suffered through. Pop culture on the other hand is seen as an interesting and creative way that reflects true identities and feelings of those involved. As such, companies are venturing in this field with large conglomerates for example Times Warner and Disney has developed huge influence over their products that represents trends in the entertainment industry (Kamalipour, 30).
Work cited
Kamalipour, Yahya R. Images of the Us Around the World: A Multicultural Perspective. Albany: State Univ. of New York Press, 1998. Print. Read More
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