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Postmodern Culture - Essay Example

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Further, it provides for a foundation of exclusion and inclusion that helps in identifying different cultures. However, there has been an identifiable difference…
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Postmodern Culture
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Extract of sample "Postmodern Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The recent commercialisation of culture is observed to be aligning the culture with the practical life. The postmodern era is a complex culture that inflicts social change and leads to political transformation. Postmodernism is identified as the mythical heads of the hydra, which has successfully changed the culture of a society (Horn, 2000). With this regard, the essay elaborates on postmodernism and its analysis, detailing the different effects the postmodern culture on the life of the people and society.
Postmodern culture can be identified to be conjoint in nature owing to the lack of unity among the postmodern society. With the openness of the postmodern society, there has been a lot of subjectivity that has been inflicted among the people. Furthermore, postmodern society is majorly observed to be controlled by the mass media and powerful institutions. The reality of the world in this postmodern era is highly controlled by the different images and pictures of the mass media. In this respect, commercialisation is observed to be having a huge effect in the virtualisation of a society at large (Strinity, 2004). In the postmodern society, people are often viewed to be having a virtualised belief of the culture. The effect of commercialisation in the modern world positively triggered that people draw the inferences of their real life from the commercialisation and modern life. The postmodern era even evidence the use of comic stories as well as the different virtual imagery, which is replacing novels and books. The different novels and epics are being replicated through virtual images that are observed to be providing a virtual lifestyle to the real world. This post-modern era of culture is observed to be developing boundaries between imagery and real life. The postmodern culture has been internationally ambiguous and severely complex for people to understand the actual effect of culture (Grossberg, 2014; Foster, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Postmodern Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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