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Reattach paper bout (( The different spelling for different pronunciation between British and American english.)) - Essay Example

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Good examples of such affixes are affixes–ory and –ary. In American English the affix –ory is pronounced as /ɔri/ while in British the same affix is pronounced as…
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Reattach paper bout (( The different spelling for different pronunciation between British and American english.))
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Download file to see previous pages This explains the different pronunciations of the word military. In American English, the word is pronounced as /mɪlətɛri/, whereas in British English the word is pronounced as /mɪlɪtri/ (Goldstein & Best, 2006). 6
In French loan words, for example, in the RP the first syllable is stressed while in GAE the second syllable is stressed. Words such as buffet, pr´ecis are examples. In American English word stress there is less application of stress on syllables that end in letters such as /o/u/r/. On the other hand, British English applies a lot of stress on words ending in the same letters (/o/u/r/). This difference contributes to the difference in spellings in both American and British English. A good example of such words includes, color and behavior. In American English, the words are spelt as ‘color’ and ‘behavior’. In British English, the same words are spelt as ‘Colour and behaviour’. This is as a result of the different word stress applied on syllables that end in /o/u/r/ (Trudgill, 1972,). 6
The English language is spoken in a vast area with over 300 million people using it as their first language. English is different in various ways from one region to another and one such a variation is the American English that carries its own identity (Schachtebeck , 2011). The differences in the language are identified in many ways and particularly in the pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. The common recognized differences are the accent used in the two languages: the British and the American. Accent refers to the pronunciation features of different people from different geographical regions, social class, age sex or even the level of education. There are many accents and differences in the spoken English among people from different regions but most common are the differences in the American and British English (Werckmeister, 2012). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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