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This happens in two different distinct ways. First way, it forces down directly the consumption share from the grand domestic product. Secondly, it acts by reducing…
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Global Issue
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Global issues Lecturer Question 1a) It has been found that the increasing inequality of the income of the working force directly reduces the demand. This happens in two different distinct ways. First way, it forces down directly the consumption share from the grand domestic product. Secondly, it acts by reducing the productive investments through the reduction of the demand for the products that would otherwise justify a reinvestment. In addition, the rising levels of income inequalities also have the same effect on the consumptions and savings compared to growing state or share of business GDP. In the same cases, there is a reduction in the consumption and the ultimate increase in the savings as a share of GDP.
It is a measure of inequality of a distribution, the value of 0 expressing total equality and value of maximal inequality. This coefficient is mainly used to measure the income or wealth inequalities.
The weakening in the rates of growth in the richest countries, and in parallel, the improvements in the rate of growths in the countries that are regarded as developing, automatically leads to a reduction on income inequality on the global scale. The inequalities between individuals within every country have a significant impact on a global level of inequalities.
Question two
It is the degree of life’s variation including various levels of biological organization. Biodiversity considers several diversity existing among various species of plants and animals that live in a particular place.
Biodiversity is necessary for the biological cycle in earth. Therefore, its existence is of great concern to humans. Humans should get concerned on biodiversity because the system is like a “chain creation”. If one part of the cycle goes wrong, then it puts the entire ecosystem in jeopardy, and the whole food web can be destroyed. Man is found at the top of the food chain, and if all other species below get affected or extinct in the process, the ecosystem will be hard for a man to survive. Therefore, biodiversity should be preserved in the environment.
The use of rebel organism as an alternative source of energy seems the disastrous to the earthed ecosystem. The organism utilizes the nutrients that are underused thus shifting the environment away from the usual state that man has adapted.
Question four
Climate change is very real in the modern world. Over several years, the climate of the earth has been changing throughout. Most of the variations seen in the global climate are linked to small variations in the orbit and accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The evidence indicating global changes of climate is compelling and includes the rising sea levels by approximately seventeen centimeters, global increase in temperatures, the ever warming of the oceans, the shrinking of the ices sheets, the decreasing levels of polar and arctic ice and the glacial retreat.
It is important to understand the dynamic of global climate changes because the factors that contribute to the changes in the earths climates are preventable. Most of the causes are contributed by human activities and understanding this will help in reducing the causes that contribute to the global climatic changes hence reducing the effects
An important factor that contributes to global climatic changes is the increased level of carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere. These can be reduced through putting measures that can help decrease the level of this carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition, the use of green sources of energy will act as the best alternative source of energy that will help curb carbon dioxide release. Read More
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