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It is imperative to understand that the existing educational reforms and policies have revolutionized teaching such that students have their legal rights…
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Qualities of a good teacher
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Qualities of a Good Teacher Introduction In contemporary education, teacher relationship coupled with quality teaching is indispensable in classroom success. It is imperative to understand that the existing educational reforms and policies have revolutionized teaching such that students have their legal rights for better results and treatment by their teachers. Effective classroom teachers must observe the fundamental ethics of teaching while ensuring that they conform to the inherent educational regulations. Though teachers may have different abilities and talents the most fundamental qualities of an effective teacher includes accountability, adaptability, caring, accommodative, cooperative, determined, and creative.
Effective teachers have the urge to succeed. They remain determined that their students receives utmost educational needs. Their determination brings out the best of their weak students while maintaining and building on the talents and abilities of others.
Dedication and Commitment
Dedication remains as the fundamental tool to success. An effective teacher have the dedication and commitment to achieve excellence in his work. The effective teacher dedicates most of his or her time solving students’ challenges and providing them with amicable alternative solutions.
It is imperative to understand that effective teaching requires creativity skills. Creative skills in teaching would enable a good teacher to design effective concepts and lesson plans that remains unique and dynamic to their students. The teacher recognizes difference in learning capacity of his or her students and design new methods that would best accommodate them (Walker 9).
Cooperative and Accommodative
Effective teachers have the personality of being accommodative and cooperative. Cooperation in teaching is essential in building an effective relationship between the teacher and student. Such relationship helps in building the learners’ confidence. Therefore, an effective teacher do not only accommodate his or her students’ thoughts but also cooperate with them and other stakeholders of education sector.
In conclusion, effective teaching requires comprehensive training that would ensure that teachers have the urge and passion in their job. It is important that an effective teacher would observe the ethical standards and inherent regulations within education sector. Therefore, effective teaching does not only involve teacher-student relationship, but also effectual relation with other education stakeholders including school administration and government.
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Walker, Robert J. 12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher. Morrisville, NC: Lulu Publishing, 2013. Print. Read More
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