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Classroom of the future - Essay Example

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The researcher imagines the classroom of the future that will rely upon technology while offering instruction in the traditional core curriculum. Based on school is as a second home for the student to acquire the knowledge and awareness of the world around her/him…
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Classroom of the future
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Download file to see previous pages This research tells that classroom is an important environment affecting students in many fields. Studies have proved that the there is a relationship between the student performance and the classroom facilities. Classroom facilities affect students’ attendance and academic performance, so taking care of classroom facilities improve the level of student performance in the classroom. Additionally, the classroom often reflects the correlation between the students and their teacher. It’s important to understand not only what’s coming next but also where it all started. Classrooms throughout history have passed much of the technological changes. So, the purpose of this paper is to describe those changes and then visualize the future changes in the classroom. The classroom has changed a lot in the past. There are three main periods from the early days that helped build the education system we have now. The colonial period was first from the 1600’s to the 1700’s, the next period would be from the American Revolution to the civil war which was approximately a 70 year period from 1791-1861.The Information age came next from the mid-1900s to the very early 2000s. In the colonial period, the classroom was very minimal only consisting of a one-room building most likely with log walls, a dirt floor, and wax windows. For chairs, they would split a log in half and attach branches to the bottom to create a chair. Educational supplies were very scarce and expensive, most were homemade consisting of quill pens and boil down bark to make ink. Between the American Revolution and the civil war, the classroom experience got a lot better because classrooms had blackboards, slates, and maps. The furniture and architecture were also greatly improved even though at first during this period many communities didn’t have school buildings because if the revolutionary war, instead they had large rooms until the building was able to be rebuilt. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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